Monday, January 19, 2015

Paper Lanterns: A quilt "pattern"

(not me)

Happy 2015, friends far and near! The holidays came barreling towards us, some major life changes took place, things got a bit away from me, and I last posted back in late October. No big deal, right? We've been through such pauses in action before. What's important is that we pick up where we left off!

The things is, I've been sewing. A lot. What I haven't been so good at is taking pictures of all the things, and getting them into a format to share here on the blog. The iPhone and Instagram are blog killers. Taking a quick snapshot on my phone and sharing instantaneously via IG have replaced the process of pulling out the big camera, waiting for good lighting and a good setting, uploading and touching up pictures, etc.

Maybe that will be one of my New Year's resolutions for 2015: get back to taking more "real" photographs of my work. Certainly some good photos will inspire me to blog more?

Anyhow, since we last chatted, I received some great news: my Paper Lanterns quilt won the Denyse Schmidt / Free Spirit Fabrics Modern Solids, Traditional Inspiration Challenge and was featured at Fall Quilt Market in Houston, TX! What an honor. Sincerely, I didn't think I had a chance -- I was so discouraged with the start of the challenge that I almost scrapped my design and withdrew from the competition. And even after I regained the confidence in my design, the other designers' submissions were all so incredibly strong that I was honestly happy just to be included.

The most asked question I've received since sharing photos of this quilt is if I'd make a pattern available for my design. As I mentioned, the building block for my quilt is another designer's design (Angela Pingel's Petal Pushers block, from her book A Quilter's Mixology.) So while I cannot distribute her block pattern, I can certainly do two things:

  1. Encourage you to check out Angela's book!
  2. Share as much detail as possible about my design process for the quilt and the ways in which I modified the pattern to arrive at my final product.
So while I can't really call it a pattern, I'll call it a "pattern". (See what I did there?) Check out my free download for the quilt (which I've since named Paper Lanterns) below:


  1. Very pretty quilt. I don't have instagram or facebook. Blogging is more personal, to me anyway. Happy new Year.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a unique and stunning quilt!

  3. It really is a great quilt and congratulations on the win.

  4. So glad you are back! This quilt is just stunning, really love everything about it. I just ordered the book and will be downloading your version. Thank you for sharing your creation! Best wishes in 2015! I have decided life doesn't slow down, we just adapt to a new normal:)

  5. Wow, I was only just thinking what lin liyi was saying!
    Oh and gorgeous quilt dear chap xxx

    1. Ugh -- spam! Thanks for your kind words. :)

  6. Beautiful quilt, and congrats on the win! So exciting for you.

  7. I think this is such a beautiful pattern, harks back to traditional quilts whilst also bringing a modern twist!

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  9. I saw your quilt hanging in a local quilt store. I LOVE the way you used solid colors and a pop of a print. It is inspiring!

  10. I saw your quilt hanging in a local quilt store. I LOVE the way you used solid colors and a pop of a print. It is inspiring!

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