Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#NGAQB Mr. August: Shaun Abels

As of this month, the amazing No Girls Allowed Quilting Bee (#NGAQB) has reached its conclusion. I am hopeful for a round 2 of this bee for more camaraderie with the amazingly talented gents of the group but, in the meantime, I'm going to try to round up my posts for the last few months of the bee.

(For more information on the #NGAQB, read here.)

August was Shaun Abels' month in the bee. Shaun didn't ask for anything specific, but rather left the blocks to be "quilter's choice." I'd been itching to try out Jessee from Art School Dropout's Geometric Shape pattern. I LOVED this pattern (I knew I would) and ended up making 3 blocks to send along to Shaun.

Shaun doesn't have a blog (yet) but, aside from being in the Navy, he does active duty over on Instagram (@slabels.) Here's a bit more about this great quilter and all-around great guy:
I am 27 and have been sewing/quilting for about 3 years. My aunts, uncle and cousin all quilt. I asked my aunt to teach me how to make a quilt and loved the whole process. My first quilt was a disappearing nine patch, with simple straight line quilting. 
I'm originally from Omaha, Nebraska, right in the heartland of America. I've been in the navy for the better part of a decade now, and have had some great opportunities to see different parts of the world that I normally wouldn't have seen. However, it does make for precious little time to sew. I do my best quilting with Beyoncé or Jenny Lewis playing in the background. 
I have really developed an interested in modern quilting after discovering the incredible modern quilting community on Instagram. My friend Carey, who I've know for years and years, came to quilting about the same time I did and she has opened my eyes to the glory of Tula Pink and Angela Walters, Joel Dewberry and Jaybird Quilts. I've also discovered a smaller, but fantastic group of creative men in the modern quilting community. 
I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the NGAQB over the past year and have loved getting to know this awesome group of creative (and funny!) guys.


  1. Great blocks! Thank you for your service, Shaun!

  2. Yo Quilt Dad! I would be up for participating in round two of the Bee. It would be my first, and would love to put something together with this elite team of quilters!

  3. I've enjoyed your series and really love these blocks. It's always fun meeting "new to me" quilters, you've assembled some talented guys here.

  4. Patrick, I'm with you. Maybe we should start our own round 2? http://whynottryitagain.blogspot.com/

  5. Please start posting again soon. That was a new year's resolution wasn't it?

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  7. I'd love to join in the fun! How do I sign up?

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