Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jolly Bar Blog Hop with the Fat Quarter Shop

My friends at the Fat Quarter Shop are always up to something fun, and today is no exception. Today is especially exciting though, because the FQS gang is announcing the launch of their very own exclusive  PRECUT with Moda Fabrics, the Jolly Bar! The Jolly Bar precut is 5" x 10" (twice the size of a charm square, half as big as a layer cake) and I was lucky enough to get to play with one.

Jolly Bars are currently available in four Moda Fabrics collections, and each collection offers a different free pattern packaged in with the fabric. I made my quilt from the Persimmon collection by Basic Grey using the new Picket Fences pattern. I paired the Jolly Bar with some squares that I cut from a piece of orange Grunge fabric from my stash, though making this quilt with a coordinating charm pack would make the process even easier.

The colors of this quilt are PERFECT for the burgeoning Autumn weather here in North Carolina.

You guys, I love this new Basic Grey collection. There are some killer basic and blender prints in here that are totally stash-worthy. Can't wait to stock up on some more.

Want to learn more about the Jolly Bars? Here is Kimberly from the Fat Quarter Shop to tell you more in a fun video:

But wait … there's more!

For every Jolly Bar collection, the FQS sneaked in four Golden Tickets, and each is a $50 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop! That means, there are sixteen total Golden Tickets that are up for grabs, but they are only in the first batch of Jolly Bars, so you must pre-order for a chance to get one. And I'm only requiring a small finder's fee for the winners.  :)


  1. I love the fall colors! These Jolly Bars look like fun!

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