Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern Solids Challenge with Denyse Schmidt and Free Spirit Fabrics

** thud **

OK, now that you've picked yourself up off of the floor, let me introduce you to the fabulosity that is the Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids box by Free Spirit Fabrics. What's inside this veritable treasure box? 75 fat quarters from Denyse's new Modern Solids line … and a whole lot of creative potential.

You can imagine the squeals of delight when Free Spirit contacted me a few weeks back to see if I would be interested in receiving this magical box in exchange for my participation in their first ever Modern Solids, Traditional Inspiration Challenge with Denyse Schmidt herself. Cue the immediate "D'UH … I  mean, YES!"

The challenge: make a 60" x 60" quilt with Denyse's Modern Solids Collection. In the spirit of Denyse's book "Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration" (a personal fave of mine), the design should be inspired by – or be my own interpretation of – a traditional quilt pattern. And quite a challenge this is turning out to be. With a few weeks left to complete my quilt, I am still considering no fewer than 5 different ideas of what to make.

Gorgeous photo courtesy of Faith at Fresh Lemons Quilts

And speaking of challenge, this isn't just a challenge against my own indecision. It's a full-fledges competition, with my finished quilt to be pitted against those of some other famous, fabulous quilt bloggers. And there will be prizes! Prizes that I'd really like to win!! (I'll be hitting you up for help on that later.) Rumor is, there will be prizes for you here on my blog as well ...

Though it's all been quite hush-hush cloak-and-dagger so far, social media breadcrumbs have revealed that the other challengers are:

          Faith at Fresh Lemons Quilts
          Heather at olive and ollie
          Latifah at The Quilt Engineer
          Lee at Freshly Pieced
          Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations

A noted (and notorious) group of amazing quilters, for sure. Let the games begin!

Gorgeous photo courtesy of Faith at Fresh Lemons Quilts


  1. Oh, my, no pressure there! Lol Good luck!

  2. Wow that is a box of gorgeous isn't it?

  3. Oh, I'm glad those fabrics aren't here with me. They'd be all soggy from the drooling I'm doing right now!! Can't wait for more on this!!

  4. All those yummy colors whirl with creativity!

  5. Fab box of colors ! Cant wait to see what you choose to do !

  6. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the variety that comes from that box!

  7. Rosemary B here:
    Okay, let's buckle down and get to work. lol
    These colors are just gorgeous. I bet you have a zillion ideas in your head!

  8. We absolutely love choice of colors. Are you going to make a quilt with them. Have you used a quilting machine like the Qnique Quilter or blockrockit?

  9. I am anxious to see what you make.

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