Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Teaching in Lexington, Kentucky

While at Camp Stitchalot I had the pleasure of meeting Laura, Lin, and the gang from Q First in Quilting in Lexington, Kentucky. Good thing, because I was traveling to teach a class at their shop the following weekend!

I headed to Lexington on Friday, July 13th, and was welcomed by Laura and Lin and some of their customers with a reception in their shop. (If you are in, near, or traveling through Lexington, I cannot recommend Q First in Quilting enough. It's a big, beautiful, airy shop with a killer selection of modern fabrics.) I was able to introduce myself, meet some new people, sign some books, and do a brief trunk show of all the quilts from Beyond Neutral. I also helped some students select and purchase fabrics for the next day's class -- my favorite thing to do!

On Saturday, I taught an all-day class, leading people through the pattern for the Beyond Neutral cover quilt, Pacific Crest (shown above.) I had a blast taking the students through my design process for the pattern and watching their unique and beautiful quilts come to life. (And I had a major fanboy moment when I learned that Erin from House on Hill Road was one of my students in the class.)

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend:

And Linda Peevy was the first to send me a photo of her completed quilt top. Linda used batiks to make her Pacific Crest quilt. Isn't it gorgeous? Thanks, Linda!

Shop owners and guild leaders: I am available for trunk shows, speaking engagements, and all-day quilt classes. If you are interested in learning more, please let me know.


  1. It was a blast meeting you and seeing your awesome quilts in person.

  2. Hey John. We had a great time, CAN'T wait to do it again!

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