Saturday, July 19, 2014

Soccer kids

You can't really get a glimpse into my world without understanding just how much time we spend on sports fields. My children are all developing into exceptional athletes, and while they dabble in basketball, flag football, and volleyball, the sport of choice for all three is soccer.

This summer, we're thrilled that all three of the kids have been chosen for their respective traveling soccer teams. This means that they'll be on teams that compete outside of our local YMCA branch, and they'll begin playing some of the more competitive teams throughout the region. It also means that they'll be playing on the team for a full calendar year, and the amount of time I'll be sitting on the sidelines has increased dramatically.

I don't mind in the least, though. Watching my children play sports is by far the thing I love to do most in this world.

Here are a few recent pictures to show just how quickly they are growing up!

And now for a little throwback fun. Here are the girls 5 years ago, playing their first season of soccer in 2009 (5 years old.)


  1. How sweet! I love seeing kids grow. As a teacher (and aunt to many) it is so much fun to see who they become. You are a fabulous Dad to donate so much of your time to their love of sports- that takes quite a bit of time. More time for hand sewing and pattern writing on the field, right?

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