Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More book quilts

I'm back today with three more quilts from Beyond Neutral: Quilts Inspired by Nature's Elements.

This first quilt is from the leaves & grass chapter, and it's named Cascadia. Beginning quilters, take note: it doesn't get much easier than Cascadia. It's really just basic patchwork with a twist: rectangles instead of squares, and small pops of a coordinating solid that's strategically placed to create a structured, architectural effect. It was the perfect showcase for a favorite fabric line (Nature Walk by Cloud 9 Fabrics.) 

Next up is Cayucos, from the water chapter of the book. This quilt was inspired by the very popular zig-zag quilts that have been around for a few years, but I also wanted to put my own unique spin on it. Two things I love about this quilt: the arrowhead designs that emerge as a main design element, and the basic squares that evoke traditional patchwork and allow you to feature a favorite fabric range (mine is Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry, one of my long-hoarded collections.) This is a quilt I'd love to see made in all solid fabrics.

Our last quilt for today is Glacier Bay, from the wind and sky chapter. This was my attempt at creating a pattern where modern and traditional can merge. Glacier Bay is traditional in that, unlike most of my quilts, it comprises a single block pattern laid out in a consistent, repeating pattern. At the same time, its unique color palette and contemporary prints make it accessible for the modern quilter. I guess this was my way of saying "let's drop the labels and just make beautiful quilts!"

And finally, from the "made from Beyond Neutral" file comes a quilt top from Jill Evans, who took my class at Q First for Quilting in Lexington, KY last month. Here's her Pacific Crest quilt top. Isn't is gorgeous?

Thanks, Jill. If you've made anything from Beyond Neutral, I'd love to see it. Please send me photos and I'll share them here on the blog. And if you're enjoying the book, Amazon reviews are always appreciated!


  1. I'm loving all of the quilts made with your patterns! I'm going order my book right now!!! I'm a beginner so the first pic looks like the perfect quilt for me to start!

  2. John, I was on the fence about purchasing your book right now.. Trying to budget books vs fabric purchases.. but this blog post and the picture of Cayucos kicked me over the edge! Dang that is gorgeous!..So I grabbed my ipad and it's downloading now.. Can't wait.

  3. I need to order this book! I love all of these quilts and have some fabric that need a destination!

  4. All of the quilts are fabulous, John. I like the uncomplicated, accessible designs that allow the fabrics and piecing shapes to shine. None of the quilts are intimidating and I'd make any one of them. I have to admit that Pacific Crest would be the first I'd do - love it! You're a great designer!!

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