Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Traveling Quilts (part 3)

My boarding pass!

Let's play some more catch-up today on the Traveling Quilts bee. (You can see more information in my previous posts here and here.) Today I'll be sharing the blocks I made for both Jacquie and Penny.

Here are the blocks that Jacquie made to kick off her quilt. Clearly she was going for a scrappy improvisational quilt using mostly solids.

Traveling Quilts: Jacquie Blocks - Before
Photo courtesy of Faith @ Fresh Lemon Quilts

After both Faith and Ashley made their additions, I received the package. One of the first things I did was begin trying to piece a few of the building blocks together, including my own additions along the way. In the photo below, the top 3/4 of the big block were mostly made by others and I just figured out how to fit them all together. I also added the skinny row across the bottom of scrappy grey and navy squares with white centers.

Traveling Quilts for Jacquie

I also made a rectangular block using some lighter shades to include with the traveling quilt. To be honest, I didn't think the colors fit in too well with everything else, but I had an urge to make it after seeing the colors together and was curious to see if a later quilter could figure out a way to make it work (with a note included saying that I was totally OK if this block didn't make it in to the final quilt.)

Traveling Quilts for Jacquie

And, I made one more addition to the building blocks pile before sending everything along to Amber. I introduced just a bit of pattern here with the fantastic chevron print on the upper left.

Traveling Quilts for Jacquie

At last check, Jacquie's quilt was looking spectacular. Here it is after a few more additions when it was about to depart Monica's house:

Photo courtesy of The Happy Zombie

Next in the queue was Penny's fun quilt. Penny decided on a "grow" theme, with things like flowers and flowering pots in bright, vibrant colors on a fresh white background. Here's part of Penny's initial piece.

Grow/sprout section
Photo courtesy of Penny @ sewtakeahike

When I received Penny's parcel, I quickly decided that, in addition to water, Penny's flowers needed sunlight in order to grow. I ordered the "Sunrise" paper-piecing pattern from Carolyn Friedlander's shop and got to work. Once I started making sunrise blocks, I just couldn't stop!

Traveling Quilts Block for Penny (1 of 5)

Traveling Quilts Block for Penny (3 of 5)

Traveling Quilts Block for Penny (5 of 5)

Traveling Quilts Block for Penny (4 of 5)

Traveling Quilts Block for Penny (2 of 5)

Here's what Penny's quilt was looking like after a few more stops, as it was about to leave Elizabeth's house:

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth @ Oh Fransson!

See what I mean? These quilts just get better and better with everyone's additions. In my next post I'll share my additions to both Dan's and Monica's quilts.


  1. i love how it all came together, especially the four squares on the left! i love them turned vertically! =)

  2. These are great! I love how they've gone from person to person...they are so unique! Love 'em!!