Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Traveling Quilts (part 2)

My boarding pass!

I'm back today with some catch-up stuff for The Traveling Quilts. (Unfamiliar with The Traveling Quilts? More info in my Part 1 post.) After I finished my initial piece and sent it on its way to Amber in Hawaii, I began planning my addition to Ashley's quilt. Here's what she pulled together to begin her journey:

The (new!) start for my traveling quilt...
Picture courtesy of Ashley @ Film in the Fridge

Yeah, trying to add improv blocks to Ashley's amazing start was just a bit intimidating. A tough act to follow, for sure! I decided to just pull together a few more building blocks for the quilt without trying to put anything together just yet. After all, it was still early in the bee.

Here's what I came up with:

Ashley's Blocks (1)

Ashley's blocks (2)

Ashley's original blocks

Ashley's original blocks

More of Ashley's original blocks

After those were safely packaged up and sent on to Amber, I eagerly awaited my next parcel. That Traveling Quilt was Faith's (of the popular Fresh Lemon Quilts.)

The Traveling Quilts - Constellation
Photo courtesy of Faith @ Fresh Lemon Quilts

Faith decided on a "Constellation" theme and used the bright colors of the rainbow. I just knew right away that I wanted to make a nice big Swoon star to feature in Faith's quilt. I had a ball choosing some fabrics somewhat outside my comfort zone and customized the fabric placement in the pattern to feature several colors at once:

Traveling Quilts for Faith

I also made a few more smaller stars and even built upon some of Faith & Ashley's blocks. Again, because we were so early in the bee, I kept the stars unattached so they could be building blocks for a later quilter.

Traveling Quilts for Faith

Traveling Quilts for Faith

Next up: my blocks for Jacquie and Penny!


  1. That is so awesome. How lucky for those quilters to get such great additions, and what perfect decisions you made. Seems very intimidating to me!!!

  2. These are so fun! Thanks for sharing them with us all!