Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Look how big they're getting!

Just a quick note today to share one of my favorite recent pictures of my family. This is the shot we used for our Christmas card this past year. Since we spend most of our free time on the soccer field these days, it seemed appropriate!

Happy hump day, readers. What are you working on this week? I need some visual inspiration …


  1. I'm working on a fabric sculpture of a spider - Mr Finch / Anne Wood inspired using hand dyed fabric and hand spun yarn for our Spinners, Weavers, Dyers Guild challenge (project 1) - also working on crochet hand spun fibre for lichen to go on felted piece (project 2)

  2. Your littles are so cute! Great pic with the way the sun is falling across all of you. I'm working on a quilt made of men's shirts - it's on my design wall, but no pic - yet! Enjoy the soccer days! How quickly they pass!

  3. Great photo Mr. Q!:)

    I'm working on samples for Round 15 over at Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along....remember that place?:)

    Also working with a load of low volume prints appliqueing pickle dish arcs on 12" squares.

    I think of you every time I see my wonky log cabin quilt at my parents place!

  4. Nice picture and good to see a blogging return.
    I need to finish out my Toes in the Sand BOM. I am only a couple months behind so not so bad. Somebody needs to host a new QAL or have some sort of sweeping instagram/flickr pattern to jump on. I have switched back to cross stitching. Have you ever tried that? It is easy to carry along so would work with you flying/layover lifestyle.
    How about those Iowa State 'Clones?! Sorry, just had to throw that in as a proud Iowan.

  5. You all look amazing and super happy! What a great family pic.

  6. Thumbs up back at ya!
    I am getting my eponymous Dear Stella quilt finished, it's been a WiP too long x

  7. I'm going to use some leftover fabrics to make the Charm Pack Cherry quilt in boy fabrics for our charity quilt collection at the guild. Soccer Theme!