Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tie-front Totes

Tie Totes

I recently wrapped up two new tote bags (which was a feat in itself, considering I'm a bag-o-phobe!) I was overdue on a homemade Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, so tackling a new bag project seemed the perfect fit.

Rather than following a traditional paper pattern, I made the bags by taking an e-course from Trish Preston, in which she steps through the construction of her original Tie-front Tote pattern. Trish hosts her e-courses on her Two Peas in a Pod site.

For the first bag -- the one that went to my sister-in-law -- I chose two of my favorite prints from Tula Pink's Parisville line:

Tie Tote in Parisville

And for the second, another two favorite prints -- this time, from Amy Butler's Love line:

Tie Tote in Amy Butler Love

Trish's e-course was fantastic and I really can't recommend it enough, especially for beginners and fellow bag-o-phobes like myself. You can read more about my experience taking the course -- as well as enter to win a free enrollment -- over on the Fat Quarterly blog.


  1. John these are just beautiful...

  2. John, the bags are beautiful! I understand bag-o-phobia and have only managed the simplest of bags so far.

  3. Very nice bags! My wife Bev likes to make bags too. She must be a bag-a-holic, she's definitely not a bag-a-phobe. She makes up most of her patterns as she makes them.

  4. lovely, lovely, lovely!! Looking forward to meeting you at the Fat Quarterly thingy in June.

  5. John, thanks so much for reviewing this e-course. Love the bags you made...and I think you'll look great carrying these around in London. HA! Did you ever find a man-bag pattern to use for your trip?

    Thanks again friend...

  6. Thank you, John, for this post and the recommendation. I have wanted to make a tote bag for absolutely ages but have never quite found the right pattern and now, thanks to you (and Trish), I have. I'm a new blogger (so still getting to grips with sharing) but hopefully will be able to show you mine (soon) when I've made it ... though I don't expect it to be half as beautiful as yours!! Thanks again ;)

  7. Those totes are great, especially the one with the Amy Butler fabric. There's something about her designs that's very urban and chic and makes a super stylish handbag. I'll have to check out that course.

  8. You have a good eye for fabrics John....these look great! Christine
    - ChrisW Designs

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