Thursday, January 12, 2012

The #SSSwap

#ssswap received!

Before the holidays, I participated in one final swap for 2011: the #SSSwap (a shortened Twitter handle for Secret Santa Swap), organized by the super fun (and funny) Amy. Over 40 really talented quilters and designers signed up for this swap, in which we were free to swap anything we wanted -- handmade or not -- up to $15 in value with a secret partner.

It was great fun and a wonderful lead-in to the holidays. As you might expect, quilters and crafters also happen to be FANTASTIC gift-givers!


I must have been a very, very good boy last year, because I was fortunate enough that Rachel pulled my name in the swap. Imagine my surprise when I opened my swap package and pulled out not one, but four gift bags!

#ssswap received!

Yes, that's one big bag for me, and a smaller bag for each one of my children! Now how thoughtful is that?! The drawstring bags were made using Jeni's great tutorial.

#ssswap received!

The smaller bags were filled with some fun goodies for the kids. (I am sure there were more things in the bag, but they made off with their bags before I could take any good photos. I tried to gather everything back up to take some pictures, but their gifts had already been cast to the dark, far corners of their rooms.)

#ssswap received!

As for my big, dad-sized bag? First, I LOVE that it was made with some of my most favoritest Joel Dewberry & Patty Young fabrics. And inside I found ...

#ssswap received!


#ssswap received!


#ssswap received!

(Including the LEGO guard at the top of the post, as well as these fun Superhero Squinkies to keep me company in my sewing room. It's not a well-kept secret that I'm kind of a LEGO and comic book nerd.)

Thank you so, so much, Rachel. Words can't really express how much I truly appreciate how thoughtful and generous you were to me and my family during the holidays.



I had the pleasure of pulling together a holiday package for Elizabeth Hartman (who you probably already know from her amazing quilting blog, Oh, Fransson!) Here's what I packed up to try to surprise Elizabeth:

#Ssswap package for ???

I also made a drawstring bag using Jeni's tutorial. I used a cheater patchwork Echino print and some solid Essex Linen for the top and interior of the bag. I also used a favorite woodgrain print by Joel Dewberry for the drawstring.

#SSSwap Bag

I also made this needle book, using this tutorial and some of Melody Miller's Ruby Star Spring fabric (love those bees!)

Ruby Star Needle Book

I stuck some coordinating floss and needles inside.

Needle Book for #ssswap partner

I hope Elizabeth enjoyed her gifts as much as I enjoyed making them for her! And I also hope there will be a #SSSwap 2 next year.


  1. Whoa! I just realized I made a bag with the exact same Echino cheater print! My Aunt gave it to me for Xmas! :)

    Lovely gifts!

  2. Wonderful gifts, both given and received. The bags are fabulous and I adore that needle book! I need to check out that little tutorial. :)

  3. Rachel is awesome! She sent you loads of goodies.
    And the package you sent to Elizabeth is great. I absolutely love the needle book! So cute.

  4. Super fun. It seems you are all able to stretch $15 pretty far!!!! hehe. It's hard to stick to a budget when such nice friends are involved, isn't it?

  5. Love those Lego guys! I've got all 16 of that collection! Great needle book! I like that it's tall and will hold floss too!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love those pins!! You really got as good as you gave, so to speak. That needle book is amazing, and the crocheted softie for your daughter is awesome, too :)