Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A tale of two fat quarter bundles

Recently, while working on some Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt blocks (note to self: share pictures of new blocks on blog soon!), I pulled together some small bundles of fabric and immediately fell in love with the color combinations. Both began with some favorite prints from the Terrain (Kate Spain) and Prince Charming (Tula Pink) collections.

The first bundle combined shades of blue, red, and purple, resulting in what I believe to be a very rich and warm palette.

Great new color combo

Here's the Farmer's Wife block I made from the bundle:

FW #4 - "Basket Weave"
Block #4, "Basket Weave"

The second assortment was a bit more unusual and unexpected. One of the colorways of Prince Charming features gorgeous tones of teal and honey. I paired them with another of Kate Spain's leaf prints and another shade of houndstooth. The solid was a complete fluke, but I love the earthy stone color that somehow grounds the palette.

A great new color combo

I even made mention of this color combination over on the GenQ blog today!

Here's the Farmer's Wife block I made with this bundle:

FW #73 - "Rainbow Flowers"
Block #73, "Rainbow Flowers"

Well, after making both blocks, I was still itchy. I wanted to play with these fabric bundles even more. It just so happens we were working on issue 7 of Fat Quarterly at the time, and I decided to draw up a pair of mini quilt patterns to showcase the fabric assortments. After all, the entire issue is all about color! I decided to name my project "Duet".

Duet Mini Quilt

Issue 7 of Fat Quarterly, the color issue, is now available for purchase.


  1. I love your combinations, blocks and mug rugs.

  2. very nice sets, I find it funny you like pink, well chose pink, but either way it looks GREAT! so why not :-) I do have color combinations that I think looks great together, one color may not be one I like but together they look good :-)

  3. Love the second bundle especially... And that houndstooth gray... drool.

  4. Gorgeous!! I saw that chevron quilt in FQ and fell in love!! So beautiful- lovin that palette!

  5. I love visiting your blog. I always find something cool. Thanks.

  6. I REALLY like the mini quilt under the red and blue one. The colors are great and so is the pattern. Congrats!

  7. Both minis are fabulous. It's fun to go stash-diving. I like to keep my stash semi-unorganized, because it encourages me to sort through and consider new combinations. I especially love the Prince Charming mini; it's more muted than I usually go for, but it totally works!