Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HIJACKED!! Sew to Swap Blog Swap

Oh no -- my blog's been hijacked! Actually, I'm just swapping blog posts today with my friend & fellow blogger Heather; read on to find out why we're swapping today ...


hey there kids! my name is Heather or { House } of A La Mode or trouble maker or one of Johnny's partner's in crime, you can decide! ;) we did a little project together last year that has just recently been published and released for your buying pleasure...

Sew to Swap by Chrissie Grace

(ps ... F+W Media is offering to any of our blog readers a special discount during the blog tour if you'd like to purchase the book. Just use promo code SEW2SWAP to get the book for $14.99 -- that's $10 off of the cover price.)

we thought we'd be clever and swap blogs, since this was a book about friends, swaps & swapping! are you amazed yet...??? yeah... we are really THAT good! LOL

me & johnny boy at quilt market, houston 2010

You can check out all our other fabulous friends that contributed to this book here!! It was quite the party!

November 8 - Stitches & Scissors

November 9 - Cluck Cluck Sew

November 10 - My Three Sons

November 11 - Twin Fibers

November 12 - Stitchy Quilt Stuff

November 14 - Texas Freckles

November 15 - Quilt Dad <----- YOU ARE HERE!

November 16 - Artsy-Craftsy Babe

November 17 - Little Miss Shabby

November 19 - A Quilt is Nice

November 20 - A Little Sweetness

November 21 - { House } of A La Mode <----- You may find John here. Just sayin'.

November 23 - Little Bit Funky

November 27 - In His Grace

Thanks John for letting me come by your blog for a visit!! :)

X, Heather


  1. Cute swap! Looks like a cute book too!

  2. demoncori@aol.com
    Fun. fun, fun blog tour, I like visiting new blogs. The book looks very, very, very interesting.

  3. Book looks very cool! I've kind of given up swapping since my sewing time is so limited but ya' never know when the urge will hit again!

  4. I actually have never swapped--never thought I was good enough! But I'd sure be interested in this book to see if I could make some of those delightful projects!

  5. Great book leading to fantastic swaps.