Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quilt Dad is my Homeboy...

So I've realized that, with so many of my patterns and project ideas now out there in the blogosphere, in our Fat Quarterly issues, and starting to pop up in some books and stuff, I don't have a good way of seeing what everyone is creating from my patterns. I don't always get to see what you've made, which is the most rewarding part of being a pattern designer.

To that end, I've created a home for all of your photos by starting a Flickr group specifically for these projects. Here is where you can add all of your photos of items made from Quilt Dad patterns: the Quilt Dad is my Homeboy group!

Please join and add any and all of your photos -- I'd love to see them. Plus, I may use the group for some fun activities -- giveaways, quilt-alongs, swaps ... who knows? We'll see where it takes us. Join the group now so that you don't miss a thing!

And, for your reference, here is a running list of all of the different patterns & projects I've made, and where you can find each one:
Carousel Quilt
iPad Sleeve
Peeps Flag
My Parisville quilt!!
Super Scissor Quilt by John Q Adams
Ziggity Mug Rug Tutorial


  1. I'm working on the confetti quilt now!

  2. Aren't you also the one who showed us how to cover a moleskine?:)

  3. I'll pop over and add in my Turning Corners Tablerunner and my still unfinished wonky logs :)

  4. So when is "Quilt Dad is My Homeboy" gonna be on a t-shirt? 'Cuz I would totally wear that.

  5. Great idea! I already missed this group! I entered my log cabin mug rug...