Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coming soon: Quilt Uber-Fest!

Ever since the Block-a-Palooza Quilt Along wrapped up a few months back, I've received a few questions about when the next quilt-along would take place. Though I'm not quite ready for a round 2 of Block-a-Palooza (yet), I don't want all of you would-be quilt-alongers to fret. That's because my buddy Scott Hansen from the Blue Nickel Studios blog is stepping up to host another awesome quilt-along to help tide you over.

He's calling it Quilt Uber-Fest, and the festivities kick off on October 1st right here on my blog! That's right -- I'll be designing the first block of the sampler quilt and hosting the tutorial, and then 15 of my awesome fellow bloggers will follow suit throughout the month. Consider it our Octoberfest celebration for quilters. Oh yes, there will be beer involved ... at my house, anyway.

To get us in the spirit of the season, we'll all be using some beautiful fall-inspired prints from a new line called Sleeping Beauty by Nel Whatmore for Free Spirit Fabrics. Scott's got a whole lot more information on his announcement post today, and there's already a Flickr group set up for all participants.

Hope to see you there!


Quilt Uber-Fest Schedule:

Oct 1 John Adams

Oct 2 Kaye Prince

Oct 3 Karen Linton

Oct 4 Konda Luckau

Oct 5 Amy Lobsiger

Oct 6 Ryan Walsh

Oct 7 Scott Hansen

Oct 8 April Rosenthal

Oct 9 Cara Wilson

Oct 10 Amanda Jennings

Oct 11 Susan Sobon

Oct 12 Jan Peoples

Oct 13 Erin Singleton

Oct 14 Charlie Scott

Oct 15 Emily Cier

Oct 16 Rachel Locke


  1. This quilt along definitely should have been called Blocktober.

  2. I quit reading at "beer". I'll keep the fridge stocked and see what happens from there.

  3. Being German, that title makes me flinch... :D Want a lection? Well, either way, you get one now! ;-)I suppose your intended meaning would be "quilt-over or -along", but the German "uber" (with two dots on top of the U, the Umlaut) does not really fit. "Uber" in this context is more like "on top of, above". Actually, I can't think of a German phrase, that would translate to quilt-along or quilt-over. That's why the German quilt community just adopted the English phrases... I guess, our language is just somewhat less flexible and creative than yours. We'll just have to settle with the satisfaction that we do have the better beer.*lol*