Saturday, June 11, 2011

May Quilting Bee Blocks

I don't usually venture into circular territory, but the do. Good Stitches quilting bee has been pushing me into somewhat uncomfortable territory the past few months. And I think that's a good thing.

I made these 5 striped circle blocks to help Angela realize her vision for her charity quilt. I followed her tutorial which (quite cleverly) results in these CD-sized blocks having the sticky side of some fusible interfacing exposed on the back. Angela's going to fuse all of these circles onto a solid background for a fabulous quilt inspired by Kristen's.

do. Good Stitches | May

May was the kick-off month in the Bee Tweet bee, and Erin asked us for colorful scrappy blocks in kind of a 5-sided log cabin style (loosely based on Aneela's block tutorial). I had a lot of fun playing with some of my favorite scraps here without too much thought of matching or coordinating. This block finished out HUGE -- about 17.5" square -- and I'm so excited to see how Erin's quilt turns out.

Bee Tweet | May

I expect someone will ask, so I hunted down a link to the fox fabric that I used in the center of my block here. It's called "Flora Fox" from Farbenmix, and I got mine as a present from the ever-fabulous Katy.


  1. What an amazing log cabin style block! I'd like to see how that quilt turns out too! How fun :-)

  2. I totally love this block and am now a new follower based on @twomoreseconds tweet.

  3. LOVE love this crazy 5-sided log cabin! And yes, the fox is fabulous. Really fun. Will have to add this to my project-to-do list for sure!

  4. This is GREAT!
    I'm using this technique on my quilt, but using a 7 sided center. Using all scraps and finishing the last part of the circle with greens. After sewing blocks together I added appliqued leaves so it looks like a flower garden. I'm addicted to this technique!

  5. I love the circle "blocks"! Isn't that an oxymoron? Fox is good, too!

  6. Great quilt! I love it when men get in to quilting. My husband is a trucker and hasn't started to quilt yet but he is very good at picking out fabrics. When driving me around to a shop hop a few years ago he told me he could really get into long arm quilting. The machine fascinated him. I'm not supposed to tell his trucker friends - it might spoil the big, tough guy image...

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