Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bella Solids Parade | Expert's Picks Day 3

Today's jumping off point was this deep shade of brown, fittingly called Hershey:

Moda Bella Solid in Hershey (9900-41)

This bundle was a classic case in failure to self-edit. When it came down to it, I just couldn't make the hard decision of which solid and which print to cut ... so I left them all:

Bella Solids Parade - Day 7

Top row: Bella Solids in Etchings Stone, Pink, Together Tan, and Weathered Teak
Bottom row: Central Park Lawn Zoo, Modern Workshop Courtyard Green Roundabout Dots, Bohemian Soul Hay Endless Dream, Tammis Keefe White Later Alligator

This is my favorite bundle so far, and just might just be my favorite of all of them. What would you add to this combination of prints & solids?

Visit Shruti and see more over at 13 Woodhouse Road for the Fat Quarter Shop Bella Parade!


  1. tough call...something with texture and movement to use in small amounts--how about an animal print or zig zag?

  2. I would probably have added something either striped or polka dotted because I like brown with simpler patterns because it has so much weight in the color.

  3. I love this set! You are giving me the courage to build a fabric group around a solid, which I have fallen in lve with.
    Not sure what I would add, but wince you asked; perhaps I would replace the stone with a light teal to match the animals. But it's great as is!

  4. I like it the way you have it;) This is good practice for sharpening one's color expertise for sure!

  5. This is totally helpful! It's really hard to pick coordinating solids when you don't have a swatch card or a LQS that carries them. I wish more online stores would feature coordinates from other lines/solids that go well with other prints.

  6. I really love that alligator print, so cute, I don't have any suggestions for additions to your selections but I think that alligator print would be a fun addition to an eye spy quilt. :)
    on another note the "fat quarterly bundle" I order the other day from wish upon a quilt has ALREADY arrived. wow that was really fast! and the prints you selected for that are even more lovely in person then they were on screen!

  7. great bundle! This one's my favorite.