Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion Forward

OK, OK ... so I know I've been absent from this space for much of the summer. What can I say? Crazy awful full-time job, three little kids all out of school ... I am sure many of you can relate. With summer upon us in full swing, their bedtime seems to be getting later and later, at which point I am WAY too pooped to even think about working on a project. Hence, no sewing = no cool projects to share = no interesting blog posts.

Well, I do have a few things to work on. First is answering all of those awesome questions you guys asked me as part of my giveaway entry. I'm slowly but surely working on those. And oh yeah, I am sure you guys want to hear all about my fabric design class with Heather Ross in Portland a few weeks back. Working on that, too.

But in the meantime, PLEASE enjoy this:

How friggin' cool is that?! It was designed by my super awesome uber-talented swoon-worthy designer extraordinaire pal Melissa Averinos, she of yummygoods fame. And the best part? Yes, you too can have this emblazoned on the front of your very own t-shirt and be the envy of your cul-de-sac.

Read more about it and Melissa's other brilliant t-shirt designs here. I've also put it on my sidebar in case you want some flair for your blog ------>

More soon ... I promise!


  1. John that is so freakin funny! Of course you're my homie!

  2. That went up in the sidebar of my blog faster than a thing that is amazingly fast!


  3. Too funny! I don't think my cul-de-sac could handle one of those shirts...I'll get two!

  4. How many dozen of those shirts have you purchased so far, Homeboy? It made me laff when I saw it had been added to her Zazzle site. *L*

  5. John! I can't grab the button! But I really, really want to! ;-)

  6. Of course you know I'm going to get if only I could get one that said Flygirl on the back.

  7. You have a good friend there, I'm sure you know that. How fun!