Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quilt Dad project sightings

Thanks so much for all of the questions you've been posting in the comments of my last post. There are some really good & interesting questions, and I'm getting pretty excited to answer them. Some of the questions were directed at Mrs. Quilt Dad, so she's even agreed to answer some of them. Should be VERY interesting! Be on the lookout for a "20 questions"-type post in the near future. And don't forget that my giveaway is still open for a few more days!

One of the most fulfilling things about this whole blogging / Flickr / Moda Bake Shop / Fat Quarterly business is hearing (& seeing) that I've inspired people to make things based on an idea or inspiration that I had.

Here are a few amazing projects based on my tutorials and patterns that I wanted to showcase and share with all of you:

Flying Fish Table Runner

Krista / Poppyprint made this "Flying Fish" table runner using a selection of Japanese fabrics. The pattern was featured in the first issue of Fat Quarterly. Krista selected some beautiful fabrics and took my pattern to the next level by having those diagonal bars end in a triangle of the same fabric, creating some nice movement and unity among the different pieces of the pattern. Thanks, Krista!

Beth made this "Off the Grid" sliced nine-patch quilt (first featured on the Moda Bake Shop) using one of my favorite fabric lines of the moment, Hunky Dory:

Love that pieced back! Nice job, Beth.

Here's another Off the Grid quilt made by Betsy. Betsy useed another of my favorite new fabric lines, Botany.

How cool is this? Betsy made a pillow to coordinate with her quilt. What a great idea!

Betsy, if you ever get tired of this set, just let me know and I'd be happy to take it off of your hands. It will have a happy home here ... I promise!

One of my more recent tutorials was for an iPad sleeve, which was also featured on the Moda Bake Shop. I wasn't quite sure how well this one would be received, since relatively few people have iPads ... and I figured that those that do would be getting some cool leather portfolio or something. I was so happy to hear that at least two people have used my tutorial ... and gave me some good feedback on it, too.

This first one was made by Julie (aka jaybirdquilts) for her mom. She used the Remix line by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman for the exterior and Moda Snuggles fabric for the interior. Isn't it great?

Photos courtesy of Julie Herman

And here's a beautiful version in blue and green that was made by Tacey, who emailed me these photos:

Thanks, as always, for all of the great feedback on my different patterns. I'm working on another quilt pattern right now for our 2nd issue of Fat Quarterly (coming this July), and have a few other things rattling around in my head ... so stay tuned!


  1. one of my upcoming projects is going to be the flying fish table runner!

  2. great tutorial john.. i'll be making another case.. once i save up enough to buy an ipad for myself!

  3. cute ipad sleeves. love the fabric choices.

  4. Wow, John, thanks for the shout out. Your pattern was fun to make, well written and easy to follow! Now I have to quilt my flying fish so I can enjoy it on our dining room table.

  5. I love that table runner! And just so you know, my friend Sandy made one of your iPad sleeping bags for her iPad at our quilting retreat.

  6. So fun to see your projects in other fabrics. I love the Off the Grid pattern. So cute in Botany and Hunky Dory.

  7. I may not have an iPad, but I'm planning to use your tutorial as a jumping off point for a sleeve for my MacBook Pro......

    I love my Off-The-Grid Nine-Patch and was very honored to have you feature it on your blog previously!!

  8. Love the quilts and the iPad sleeve! Wow!!

  9. Wonderful projects. I love seeing things other's make and to get ideas for things I can do.


  10. Thanks for showing my iPad sleeve. It was so fun to see it along side the work of others whose work I admire.
    I have had many good comments on it. A couple of my husbands co-workers even hinted that would like me to make them one. The tutorial was fun and easy to follow so I just might :)

  11. If I get an ipad, I'm gonna use your tutorial for sure. I love Off the Grid. It's on my list of favorites to do...someday when I have lots of time. Or if I feel like staying up late! Thanks for all that you've shared!

  12. If I had an iPad, I would definitely make one of these sleeves for it! I love the design!