Monday, April 26, 2010


Holy guacamole! 824 comments? That shattered all previous giveaway records here on the Quilt Dad blog. Thanks for showing up! And thanks to the Random Integer Generator, we have our 16 winners. And here we go ...

Giveaway prize #1: Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow fat quarter set
#299 - Angela @

oh.em.gee...the number of comments is staggering! Here's what I love about you, your blog...your Amy Butler quilt from your 2nd post is totally "neat-o", your blocks are wildly diverse and super cool, your taste in fabric is FABulous! Thanks for hosting such a blowout giveaway...super fun!

Giveaway prize #2: Deb's giant pincushion
#115 - bruinbr @

Wowza! What a way to celebrate your blogiversary! I initially found your blog because of the gorgeous Anthropologie inspired pillow you made for the pillow swap and have been a fan ever since! Thanks for the giveaways!

Giveaway prize #3: Lark Books gift set
#812 - Lou / Seaside Siblings @

wow! amazing prizes, would love to win any of them! Happy blog anniversary

Giveaway prize #4: deeroo's mini quilt
#485 - Ramona (no blog or email address ... please contact me!)

I am a new follower of your blog and am super impressed. All of those prizes are awesome. I look forward to many more of your posts and looking through your old posts.

Giveaway prize #5: Half Yard Bundle from Sew Deerly Loved
#191 - Beth @

Congrats, John!! No time to chat, back to my Hoop Up embroideries!

Giveaway prize #6: Ruth's bundle o' scraps
#633 - woolanthropy @

O-M-G! That is a prizeapalooza!!!

Happy Anniversary.
You really know how to celebrate.

Giveaway prize #7: Strandz longarm quilting service
#379 - Patty @

Wow, when you have a giveaway, you go all out. What fun!

Giveaway prize #8: House of ChaBanks purse
#335 - ~k (no blog or email address ... please contact me!)

All these fantastic prizes are so inspiring!
So excited to visit all these new blogs.

Congratulations on your two year anniversary.

Giveaway prize #9: Kona Cotton Roll-up from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works
#263 - kate (no blog or email address ... please contact me!)

Congratulations on your birthday! I love seeing all the great projects you post. What a great line up of prize contributions!

Giveaway prize #10: Cindy's scrap box
#63 - Jaclyn @

I love that your 'voice' really shines through in your posts. Lots of personality on this blog & I love it.
It doesn't hurt that you have fantastic taste in fabrics and make beautiful things either!
Happy 2yrs!! (& thanks to all of the generous giveaway-ers!!)

Giveaway prize #11: 3 charm packs from Missouri Star Quilt Company
#33 - K @

Wow - tons of great stuff in your giveaways! I think I'd want to take it all and run too, if I were you.

I've been reading your blog for a while, but don't think I've ever commented. My favourite thing: you've always got a lot of interesting things to show and the write-ups are as interesting as the pictures.

Anyway, happy 2 year anniversary!

Giveaway prize #12: 3 charm packs from Missouri Star Quilt Company
#726 - Cristina @

Hi John
What a way to celebrate, thank you and hope I'll be one of the lucky one.

Giveaway prize #13: Mini Shopper from Sew Fantastic
#670 - Cathy @

have just discovered quilting and was pleasantly surprised to find a man who enjoys the craft!
happy birthday! ;-)
I loved scrolling down and reading your posts - I am now a follower and look forward to seeing more of your work.

Giveaway prize #14: Mini Shopper from Sew Fantastic
#747 - Anu @

Wowzas! What a good day to discover your blog!

Giveaway prize #15: Shruti's iPad sleeve
#308 - Kaye @

Great selection of prizes! Happy Blogiversary

Giveaway prize #16: free issue of Fat Quarterly and a Quilt Dad FQ bundle
#363 - JacquieLH @

Wow! I am so impressed with the people who were so generous in donating to your bday celebration!! Congratulations~ :)

Congratulations to all winners! I will be reaching out to each of you to get all of the pertinent mailing information, etc. ... however, I likely won't be able to do that tonight or tomorrow. So, if you are a winner and you see this before you hear from me, please feel free to reach out to me with your info.

Don't forget ... tomorrow is Fat Quarterly's launch day!!


  1. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks again John for such a generous giveaway and a big thankyou to all that donated

  2. congratulations to all the winners!!!! You lucky quilters, you! :D

  3. Congratulations! That was fun. I hope we get to see all the wonderful things you all create!

  4. Great job john you handled the craziness very well!!!
    Bravo Bravo!!

    Congrats to all the winners

  5. DUDE, like seriously overloaded comments, man!! sure can throw a party!!

  6. Thats a lot of comments. I bet you're thankful you didn't invite us to a BBQ and pay for travel expenses!!! Thanks for the chance and congrats to the winners!

  7. That's a lot of guacamole, but, hey, the stuff is good! :-)

    Congrats to all the winners. QD, I wish y'all well on the launch of your e-zine...

  8. Congratulations to all the lucky, lucky winners!

  9. Wow well done to all those lucky winners. Enjoy your prizes. Happy Stitching

  10. Congratulations to all the winners! What a wonderful giveaway, John, and happy blog-iversary!

  11. Congratulations to all the winners. And thank you to John for such a wonderful giveaway. And I'm eager to learn more about Fat Quarterly and congratulation to all involved in their launch!


  12. Congratulation to the winners! Lucky people! :))
    Karina from Hungary

  13. Congratulations winners! And thanks again John, for all you do to keep us inspired!

  14. Congrats to the winners and thanks for a super chance at the givaway.

  15. Hey John! I was just checking out some blogs and ran across yours. Looks like we're neighbors! I lived down in Fuquay and am beginning/pondering more sewing projects. Know of anywhere to get some felted wool?

  16. Congrats to all the winners! I got seriously excited when I saw the name "Kaye" (I mean really, how many people have my name and spell it this way?) but then I realized it wasn't me at all...oh well, congrats to the other Kaye too!

  17. I am so excited about the giveaway! Thank you to all the donors.
    I just sent you an email with my contact info.

  18. Congrats tot he winners - other Jackie's but not me, this time!! heehee if the "contact me"'s don't contact you.. here's my info... - heehee :)

  19. Thank you John for the give away. I am so excited to win the adorable mini quilt. I just emailed you my contact information.

  20. Congratulations to all the winners.

  21. congrats to all the other winners!
    John, have emailed you to find out what I need to do next.
    many thanks
    CrafteeCC (Cathy)

  22. In Spanish we say: it is better to be late than never to have been invited!
    And what a party this seems to have been. Hi Quiltdad, my name is Valentina from Cyprus, a mom of 2 soon to be 4 yr old boys, that quilts and is a fairly new blogger. I love the positive creative energy you have flowing throughout your blog and what I have seen in my short visit has already greatly inspired me. I look forward to many more visits!
    Congratulations on your blogaversary and congratulations to all the winners!

  23. What a terrific turn out!! Congrats, John!

  24. Congrats to all the winners!! Thanks for the great giveaway..

  25. yay!!! woohoo! Thank you John for bringing some light in the way of lovely fabric on a bummer of a rock! Neato!

  26. Unbelievable giveaway - congrats winners! And Happy 2nd John. Ummmm I'll claim prize #8 if no one speaks up - LOL wishing you the best.

  27. 824! WOW! I discovered you too late. Boo Hoo. I am reading your blog from oldest to newest. This is where I am tonight. It's taking me a while. You have a lot to say and there is a lot to see. I think you had yourself cloned and there are three of you. No one person could make all that stuff, work full time and have an active family! You must not sleep! I'll keep plugging away and get up to present day eventually. Enjoying your blog, John. Lovely family, too.