Monday, April 26, 2010


Holy guacamole! 824 comments? That shattered all previous giveaway records here on the Quilt Dad blog. Thanks for showing up! And thanks to the Random Integer Generator, we have our 16 winners. And here we go ...

Giveaway prize #1: Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow fat quarter set
#299 - Angela @

oh.em.gee...the number of comments is staggering! Here's what I love about you, your blog...your Amy Butler quilt from your 2nd post is totally "neat-o", your blocks are wildly diverse and super cool, your taste in fabric is FABulous! Thanks for hosting such a blowout giveaway...super fun!

Giveaway prize #2: Deb's giant pincushion
#115 - bruinbr @

Wowza! What a way to celebrate your blogiversary! I initially found your blog because of the gorgeous Anthropologie inspired pillow you made for the pillow swap and have been a fan ever since! Thanks for the giveaways!

Giveaway prize #3: Lark Books gift set
#812 - Lou / Seaside Siblings @

wow! amazing prizes, would love to win any of them! Happy blog anniversary

Giveaway prize #4: deeroo's mini quilt
#485 - Ramona (no blog or email address ... please contact me!)

I am a new follower of your blog and am super impressed. All of those prizes are awesome. I look forward to many more of your posts and looking through your old posts.

Giveaway prize #5: Half Yard Bundle from Sew Deerly Loved
#191 - Beth @

Congrats, John!! No time to chat, back to my Hoop Up embroideries!

Giveaway prize #6: Ruth's bundle o' scraps
#633 - woolanthropy @

O-M-G! That is a prizeapalooza!!!

Happy Anniversary.
You really know how to celebrate.

Giveaway prize #7: Strandz longarm quilting service
#379 - Patty @

Wow, when you have a giveaway, you go all out. What fun!

Giveaway prize #8: House of ChaBanks purse
#335 - ~k (no blog or email address ... please contact me!)

All these fantastic prizes are so inspiring!
So excited to visit all these new blogs.

Congratulations on your two year anniversary.

Giveaway prize #9: Kona Cotton Roll-up from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works
#263 - kate (no blog or email address ... please contact me!)

Congratulations on your birthday! I love seeing all the great projects you post. What a great line up of prize contributions!

Giveaway prize #10: Cindy's scrap box
#63 - Jaclyn @

I love that your 'voice' really shines through in your posts. Lots of personality on this blog & I love it.
It doesn't hurt that you have fantastic taste in fabrics and make beautiful things either!
Happy 2yrs!! (& thanks to all of the generous giveaway-ers!!)

Giveaway prize #11: 3 charm packs from Missouri Star Quilt Company
#33 - K @

Wow - tons of great stuff in your giveaways! I think I'd want to take it all and run too, if I were you.

I've been reading your blog for a while, but don't think I've ever commented. My favourite thing: you've always got a lot of interesting things to show and the write-ups are as interesting as the pictures.

Anyway, happy 2 year anniversary!

Giveaway prize #12: 3 charm packs from Missouri Star Quilt Company
#726 - Cristina @

Hi John
What a way to celebrate, thank you and hope I'll be one of the lucky one.

Giveaway prize #13: Mini Shopper from Sew Fantastic
#670 - Cathy @

have just discovered quilting and was pleasantly surprised to find a man who enjoys the craft!
happy birthday! ;-)
I loved scrolling down and reading your posts - I am now a follower and look forward to seeing more of your work.

Giveaway prize #14: Mini Shopper from Sew Fantastic
#747 - Anu @

Wowzas! What a good day to discover your blog!

Giveaway prize #15: Shruti's iPad sleeve
#308 - Kaye @

Great selection of prizes! Happy Blogiversary

Giveaway prize #16: free issue of Fat Quarterly and a Quilt Dad FQ bundle
#363 - JacquieLH @

Wow! I am so impressed with the people who were so generous in donating to your bday celebration!! Congratulations~ :)

Congratulations to all winners! I will be reaching out to each of you to get all of the pertinent mailing information, etc. ... however, I likely won't be able to do that tonight or tomorrow. So, if you are a winner and you see this before you hear from me, please feel free to reach out to me with your info.

Don't forget ... tomorrow is Fat Quarterly's launch day!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


** This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered. Stay tuned ... winners will be announced later today! **


When I asked for some giveaway contributions to celebrate my 2 year blogiversary, I had no idea that I would get this kind of response. I can hardly believe the generosity that so many have shown in response to my request. I was able to collect an AMAZING set of giveaway prizes -- 16 in total! -- that I cannot wait to share with all of you. Some are from designers, others from companies, and many are handmade goods from quilters and crafters just like me & you. Eager to see what's up for grabs?

First, the guidelines ...

As with all of my other giveaways, all you need to do is leave me a comment. No need to follow me, or become a Facebook fan (not that I have a page), tweet, blog about my giveaway, jump through fiery hoops, cast evil spells, bend over backwards and stick your finger up your nose, etc. etc. I can certainly understand why other bloggers do those types of things, but I like to keep my giveaways easy & straightforward. Just say hi. Tell me what you like about my blog. Things I've made that you love. And maybe even what you'd like to see me do next.

Oh, I do have one request: please visit some of the nice folks that have donated prizes. They'll be happy to see you!

Good ol' will be the one picking the winners. It's a tough job. I don't envy him (her?)

Entries will close no earlier than midnight on Sunday night, April 25th, EST. Wait, if it's midnight, does that mean it's Monday morning? No matter. It might be a bit later. Regardless, you have a few days to enter, so get to it! I'll announce the winners sometime on Monday.

OK, OK ... enough with the fine print. On to the prize parade!

Giveaway prize #1:
OK, this one should get you salivating ...

My first winner will win a full fat quarter set of one of the colorways of Modern Meadow, the latest line of quilting fabric by designer Joel Dewberry and donated by Joel & his lovely wife Laurie. (See, I told you it was good!)

Regular readers of my blog know that I'm a huge fans of all of Joel's collections, and this one might just be the best yet ... though you have to go a long way to beat Chestnut Hill in my book. Go visit Joel & Laurie at their blog and tell them that I said "hi"!

Giveaway prize #2:
Fellow quilter and Bee Inspired member Deb Robertson has graciously offered to make a beautiful homemade giant pincushion for one of my readers. Who wouldn't love this beauty gracing his or her sewing table? Deb blogs at Works in Progress... and I'm sure she'd love some visitors!

Giveaway prize #3:
OK, check this out. Another winner will receive this prize pack from Lark Books, containing three (that's right -- three! Not one, but THREE!) of their most inspirational books. The set includes Pretty Little Mini Quilts, Pretty Little Pillows, and Quilts, Baby ... ALL of which are currently on my Amazon Wish List. It's kind of cruel to be giving away so much stuff that I SO want to keep ...

Giveaway prize #4:
Dolores, who blogs at deeroo designs, is offering up this GORGEOUS mini quilt that she made herself. Isn't is amazing? I could see this hanging up in an entryway, or a sunroom, or a kitchen, or ... anywhere, really! I can't think of a space that wouldn't be brightened up by this piece of art. Go tell Dee I said "hello" ... she loves to collect new blog followers (and rub it in my face!) : )

Giveaway prize #5:
OK, hold on to your seats. My blog/Flickr/swap pal Kerri is offering an AMAZING prize -- a bundle of four half-yard cuts from her super-cute Etsy shop, Sew Deerly Loved. Kerri's shop specializes in the whimsical -- woodland friends, Heather Ross / Munki designs, and lots and lots (and lots) of aqua and red. If you love all of those things (& who doesn't?), then you should already be shopping at Kerri's store.

Giveaway prize #6:
Ruth, who blogs at little olive branch, has put together a fabulous bundle o'scraps for a lucky winner. Oooh, I spy some AMH! And some Joel Dewberry! Momo Wonderland! And (gasp!) is that some Flea Market Fancy?

Ruth is a spunky young quilter who blogs about her crafty adventures in my hometown of New York City. She's a breath of fresh air and she's also a Twitter pal of mine. Follow her here.

Giveaway prize #7:
Are you out of breath yet? Well, you're not going to find any relief here.

Meet Allie, who blogs at Strandz, runs a longarm quilting service, and has an awesome Etsy shop. One lucky winner will win Allie's donation of her longarm quilting services, including an all-over design up to a twin size quilt.

Again, as I write this I am left wondering ... am I eligible to win my own giveaway prizes??! Lord knows I have a TON of quilt tops waiting to be finished! OK, OK ... I'll leave this one for one of you.

Giveaway prize #8:
Prize #8 come courtesy of one Chantry Banks. Chantry, who blogs at The House of ChaBanks, made this pretty little clutch purse especially for my giveaway and for one of my lucky readers!

Chantry is an actor, a Floridian, and an all around creative & crafty guy. I'm thrilled to be offering a one-of-a-kind House of ChaBanks original to you!

Giveaway prize #9:
Do you know Jackie from Canton Village Quilt Works? I'll bet you do! It seems that everyone knows Jackie. She is a prolific creater, longarm quilter, business owner, multimedia maven, and all-around amazing woman. She's also a huge supporter of the online quilting community and has always been a big supporter of mine, from day one. I can always count on Jackie for a nice, thoughtful comment every time I post here.

Jackie has generously offered to donate an elusive Kona Cotton Roll Up to my birthday celebration. Thanks for all you do, Jackie!

Giveaway prize #10:
I am sure you can relate to Cindy. Cindy, who blogs at cindyquilts, is overrun with scraps and doesn't know what to do. Here's a great solution -- donate some scraps to one of my winners. What's that you say? 100 3"x3" squares? And some 5" squares to boot? I am sure one of my readers can create something BEAUTIFUL with that much fabric.

Thanks, Cindy!

Giveaway prizes #11 & #12:
Sarah from the Missouri Star Quilt Company wanted to help out and offered up some charm packs from the shop. "Great", I said, "I would love to give away a charm pack. How generous of you!" And Sarah said, "No, I said SOME charm packs. How do 6 sound?" (OK, I'm paraphrasing ...)

Nevertheless, TWO lucky winners will each win 3 charm packs ... one each from the following Westminster fabric lines: Jennifer Paganelli's Dance With Me, Valori Wells' Del Hi, and Dena Designs' Monaco.

Gah! Now you can see why I am thinking to myself, "what if I just keep all of these prizes and just disappear from the bloggy world forever? Would anyone chase after me??" But of course, I could never do that to you guys ....

But wait! There's more ...

Giveaway prizes #13 & #14:
I first met Terri of Sew Fantastic on the Flickr swap circuit, where she has always made beautiful things. She also sells beautiful things in her fantastic Etsy shop. Lucky for us, Terri has offered up two of her popular (& functional!) Mini Shopper notepad clutches. Furthermore, Terri is offering ALL of you 15% discount off of all purchases in her shop (not including shipping) until my giveaway winners are announced. Just enter promo code QUILTDAD2YEARS when making your purchase.

Thanks, Terri!

Giveaway prize #15:
I was so happy to hear from new-to-me blogger Shruti, who lives in India. Check out her blog for her beautiful story of starting her own "upcycling" business on her blog. Shruti is offering up this handmade iPad case as part of my giveaway. Cool, huh?

Giveaway prize #16:
And finally, the booty that I'll be offering up to a lucky winner. The first item will be a free copy of the inaugural issue of Fat Quarterly, the new e-Zine that I'm launching with five other insanely talented quilters.

Logo File

The second part of my prize will be a fat quarter bundle of some coordinating prints that I picked out especially for you at my local quilt shop today! It's actually going to be hard for me to let them go -- I'm growing kind of attached to them. No pics yet, but I'll update this post as soon as I can get a good shot.

Whew! So what do you think? It's a good one, huh?! : )

Please leave me a comment to enter, and spread the word! I appreciate your tweets and blog posts to let others know about my giveaway. Yes, I know that will lessen your chances to win ... but we quilters are a generous lot.

But you already knew that based on all the prizes listed here, didn't you? : )


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coming Attractions

Here's a sneak peek of a project I made for Fat Quarterly:

Flying Fish Table Runner Pic #6 (rounded corners)

Have you heard the buzz about Fat Quarterly yet? It's a new e-Zine that I will be contributing to along with five other insanely talented bloggers. It'll be "for modern sewists, by modern sewists". We like to say that it's "an e-Zine bursting with sew much inspiration" ... but it's also about to burst from so much potential. I am super excited about both our launch issue and what's to come ...

Speaking of our launch issue, keep your eyes peeled for several chances around blog-land to win our first issue before it's made available to the public next Tuesday, April 27th. Julie's already giving one away. So is Ashley. And there will be more.

Speaking of giveaways, my 2-year blogiversary giveaway is shaping up to be a doozy! More in my next post, so stay tuned!
Want to learn more about Fat Quarterly?
Subscribe to our blog, or become a follower.
Follow us on Twitter.
Join our Flickr group.

Get involved! We can't wait to share our work with you.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I love collaboration ...

... which is why I loved working with Julie of jaybirdquilts on our latest Moda Bake Shop project. What's on the menu? Pillows. And lots of 'em.

Go check it out and let me know what you think!

Friday, April 16, 2010

You KNOW how much I love Joel Dewberry ...

(Pics borrowed from the Dewberrys' blog)

... so imagine how excited I was to hear from Laurie Dewberry, Joel's wife, in response to my blogiversary post! I guess Laurie caught wind of all of the gushing I do around these parts about Joel's fabrics.

And here's the best part ... Laurie has graciously offered to provide a full fat quarter pack of one of Modern Meadow's three different colorways. Modern Meadow is Joel's newest fabric line, and it is FABULOUS. Check it out.

By the way, BIG THANKS to everyone who has so generously offered giveaway prizes for my big giveaway. If you emailed me but haven't heard back from me yet, you will soon! I am currently compiling the list of giveaways and will be posting it here soon.

Can't wait that long? Head on over to the Dewberrys' blog, where they are currently hosting a giveaway of their own. You'll also see some sneak peeks into Joel's latest book, "Sewn Spaces", due to come out this spring. Can't WAIT for that one!!

Thanks again, Joel & Laurie!

DQS8 quilt made for Scott

Following up on my last post about the Doll Quilt Swap 8, here are some pictures that Scott took of the mini quilt I sent to him.

My DQS8 Quilt | Made for Scott
(grrr ... just noticed that the mosaic cut the pictures off somewhat. Jump over to Scott's blog post to see the full pics!)

I was so glad to hear that he liked it! As I mentioned, I tried to keep the design fairly simple in order to showcase a funky mix of blue prints, sashed in a neutral solid linen. I then embroidered the name of Scott's blog, Blue Nickel Studios, on the linen strips.

Thanks to everyone that requested (demanded?? -- I'm lookin' at you, Joan & Dolores!) to see pics of the final quilt.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some more neat-o's!

When I had the idea to write my "Neat-o" post a few days back, I was overwhelmed by the number of things I had to share all of a sudden. Even with everything I wrote about, I knew I was forgetting a few things! Which is just as well because that grew to be a way-too-bloated post as it is ...

Here is an addendum to my previous post, if you will ... 3 more neat-o's to add to my collection!

First, every March the team over at the Stitchin' Heaven Howdy blog hosts a Tribute to Male Quilters. I was so excited to be asked by Nicole to be featured again alongside some really talented men, including Ryan, Charlie, Gene, Matt, Greg, and many more. Here's the post in case you want to check it out. Thanks again, Nicole & the Stitchin' Heaven team!

Second, I received a really nice email from Jan, who blogs at Another Hatchett Job about my Split Nine-Patch pattern from the Moda Bake Shop. Her aunt has been sewing her whole life, but only recently started quilting and has become a huge fan of the patterns featured on the MBS. She's already made two quilts from my pattern!! Wow, I am flattered. Though her aunt doesn't blog, Jan has posted pictures of the quilts here. (That's one of them shown above.) Thanks for letting me know, Jan!

Finally, I was reading a book with my daughter yesterday in a doctor's office waiting room when I came across this charming little illustration of a quilty quail family. Isn't it great? Of course, I love that the whole family, including Papa Quail, is in on the act. It's taken from an Ed Emberley ABC alphabet book. Just wanted to share it with y'all!

Have you had any neat-o moments recently? I'd love to hear about it. Trust me, it's fun to share!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 years? For reals??!

Holy wow. On a total lark this morning, I had the urge to go check the date that I posted for the first time here on my blog. And you know what? It was on April 12th, 2008. Two years ago YESTERDAY!! Kinda weird that I felt that need to check, huh? And yep, that quilt there on the left is from my 2nd ever blog post.

Although I hate that I missed the actual day, I still think it's worth celebrating. And you all know how we celebrate things here in blogland, don't you?

Yep, with a giveaway!! And I've been thinking it's high time for a giveaway around these parts anyway. It's been a while.


First, quite frankly, because I haven't even thought about what I could give away. But also because there are a TON of great giveaways going on right now. Julie, Ryan, Emily, Vanessa, Jackie, and Kelly are just a few bloggers that are currently running some awesome giveways. Julie even rounded up some others and you can see the full list here. Check them out!

So I can afford to wait a bit. I know for sure that I'll make something original and homemade as my giveaway prize. Knowing me, I'll probably throw in some fabrics. And some other goodies, too.

(Warning -- shameless solicitation ahead.)

Want to help me celebrate? I'm happily accepting birthday gifts -- not to keep, but to give away to my readers! I'd love it if you'd let me give away something of yours, too.
  • Crafters -- want to offer something homemade, or a fabric bundle from your stash?
  • Etsy shop owners -- care to donate something from your shop, or a gift certificate?
  • Longarm quilters -- I'd love to offer your services as a giveaway prize.
  • Blog designers & service providers -- bloggers LOVE a makeover!
  • Designers -- have a new or upcoming line that you'd like to share with a lucky winner?
  • Fabric shops -- you KNOW that items from your stores and/or gift certificates are wildly popular items!
  • Fabric manufacturers -- ditto to the above.

So if you're interested in bringing something to the party, please let me know. I can be reached at

Have a great day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Happy Monday to you all! And a happy Monday it is. Do you watch Top Chef? Know about the Quickfire Challenges? Well, today's going to be a quickfire kind of post. Not because it will be short (y'all know me better than that by now!), but more because it will be a random sampler of some of the exciting things (aka "neat-o moments") that have been going on 'round the Quilt Dad home these days.

First off, guess what? I was in another quilting magazine! And not just any quilting magazine, but American Patchwork & Quilting ... the one magazine that I actually have a subsription to! (Not that I don't buy the others -- I usually just get them at Barnes & Noble : )

Yep, there I am in the Moda Bake Shop ad ... forming a Bermuda Triangle of sorts with my buddies Julie & Rachel. I can't thank Lissa, Angela, and Moda Fabrics enough for the opportunity to contribute to such a fabulous blog as the MBS. And if you haven't been there yet, you should go check it out. I have something coming out of the oven shortly ...

I'm also excited because I just booked a ticket to go to Minneapolis! No, silly, not to shop at the Mall of America (even though I sure hope I'll have the chance to do that). It's to attend Quilt Market! Yep, those two troublemakers above (Rachel & Julie, NOT Lissa & Angela!) have convinced me to come check it out. Super neat-o! I am over the moon excited to go and meet so many of my virtual friends in person. If you're going to be there, PLEASE let me know! And if not, don't worry -- I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and provide round-the-clock blog updates.

Another piece of exciting news? One of my quilt blocks was featured on the ever-growing Quilting Bee Blocks site. Wicked neat-o! I know I've mentioned this site before, but it's a really great site for anyone new (or old) to the world of block swaps and it's worth mentioning again. Erin's going a fantastic job building a strong, supportive community within the world virtual quilting bees and I really appreciate all that she is doing. Even though the Grand Opening giveaways are over (boo!), I am sure there will be more soon ...

So I have come into possession of this gorgeous little mix of Timber fabrics (designed by Jessica Levitt of Juicy Bits fame). I got it from a great online fabric shop, Hart's Fabric that Tina introduced me to. Neat-o! The problem? I can't decide what to make with them! It's not that I am at a loss for ideas -- I've come up with about 100 already -- but I can't seem to make a decision. It's VERY unlike me. So here's where you come in -- please help me decide what to make with these prints!

Did you all have a nice weekend? I sure did, despite the vicious allergy attacks brought on my the ruthless NC pollen. Besides another awesome meeting of the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild last night, I also went roller skating. Yep, roller skating. At a rink. It rocked. I escorted my 5 year-olds to a birthday party and, after about 5 minutes of watching all of the activity, I couldn't take it anymore and rented these sweet old skool 4-wheelers. Groovy ... er, I mean neat-o! I had a blast -- not only skating, but having fun chatter with all of my Twitter friends who I helped live vicariously through my tweets. (PS. are you on Twitter? Be sure to follow me!) The way I see it, I figured I'd enjoy the time when my daughters actually enjoy having me hang out with them & their friends, because I am sure it won't be too long before they are begging me to wait in the car.

OK, the {Urban} HOME Goods swap. Have you seen this one? It's where we'll be swapping finished goods that will allow us to feature our favorite fabric lines throughout our homes. Neat-o! We recently received our partners, and once again Heather & Kerri did a fantastic job of pairing like-minded swappers. My partner gave me a LOT to work from in her preferences, and I'm considering using the combination you see here on the right: my favorite prints from one of my favorite lines ever (Chestnut Hill by Joel Dewberry) and some classic linen. Right now it's shaping up to be a table runner, and/or some napkins and placemats. What do you think?

Are you guys familiar with the Explore feature on Flickr? No, me neither ... but from what I can gather, it's where the people that work behind-the-scenes at Flickr select interesting photos each day to feature on their Explore pages. Since you're never really notified if one of your pictures has been selected, it's possible to be featured and never know it!

Well, the BigHugeLabs site has a pretty nifty little app called "Scout" that can show you all of your photos that have hit the Explore pages. Take a look at my collection:

Neat-o mosquito!

Of course, the caveat here is that these are my pictures, but not necessarily my creations. There are a few swap items I've received in there that were graciously made for me by others. But it's still pretty darn cool.

Finally, I wanted to share some of the neat-o pieces of embroidery that my group members have been making for me over in the Hoop Up swap. The swappers in that group are crazy mad talented and have really blown me away. The quality of work happening in that group is nothing short of genius and has exceeded all of my expectations when starting the group. Even if you are not an embroiderer, I highly encourage you to peruse the amazing gallery that has been built over there.

My Hoop Up Embroideries (so far ...)
Stitchy neat-o!

The best part? There's even more exciting news. And it's coming SOON!! So stay tuned ...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scenes from Easter morning

I feel like the blog's been a bit light on pictures of my family lately. That's probably because I haven't been taking many! Things have been hectic here, both with having our house on the market (not fun with three small children) and preparing for my wife's transition to her PhD program this fall. I was able to get a few good pictures of the kids on Easter morning though, and wanted to share them with you all.

Easter 2010

We had a really nice Easter weekend. My mom and grandmother were both visiting from New York. The kids always love having them around. The morning started early with baskets of goodies from the Easter bunny, an egg hunt in the front yard, and bubble blowing in the beautiful weather.

Easter 2010

Spring has really sprung here in North Carolina. What that means is that there is an inch-thick coating of green pollen dust on EVERYTHING. Not good for someone with severe allergies ... like me!

Easter 2010

For those that celebrated, I hope you had a relaxing and blessed holiday weekend.

Easter 2010

(I cannot believe how big they are getting!!)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Quilting Bee Blocks | Jan/Feb 2010

Happy day-after-Easter! I hope you all had a nice weekend. The weather was beautiful here in NC -- and it's supposed to reach 90 degrees tomorrow!

I was busy, busy, busy this past weekend (thanks in no small part to my mom being in town, aka built-in babysitter). Three fairly sizable projects are thisclose to being completed, another Hoop Up embroidery piece done, and two quilting bee blocks started last night (and expected to be finished tonight). The mojo definitely feels like it's in high gear -- even if it is still just catching up on past due deadlines!

While I have a quick moment, I thought it was a good day to catch up on blogging about the past few months' worth of quilting bee blocks. But before I do, I wanted to let you know about a new site that Erin recently set up called Ever wonder about the ins & outs of virtual quilting bees? Want to join one, or start your own? Looking for inspiration for the bees that you're already a member of? Well, check out this fun & informative site that's an offshoot of Erin's already-popular Flickr group.

First, some news from my corner of the VQB world. My original quilting bee, SewConnected, has come to an end. December was our last month, and the final few blocks are making their way home to their rightful owners. SewConnected was my first (and, in many ways, my favorite) bee and all of the members were amazing, so it's somewhat sad to see it come to an end. I'm still on the fence about another round for the group -- I know many of the people feel as overcommitted as I do right now, but who knows what the future will hold? I am going to keep the group on hiatus for right now, and revisit it in a few months' time.

Another of the bees I had been participating in, the Cottage Quilting Bee, has also recently wrapped up.

We're also nearing the finish line over in SewConnected 2. January was Beth's month and she managed to send out her fabrics just before giving birth to her new baby daughter, Abbie! I made her this fairly simple block because I really wanted to showcase all of the different prints that Beth had selected:

SC2 | January block for Beth

February was Doris' month. Doris wanted to make a neighborhood quilt with all sorts of houses. She was especially interested in house blocks more simple in form and a little bit wonky. Doris sent along some greens for the landscape and I dipped into my scrap bin for the rest.

SC2 | Block for Doris

Over in SewConnected 3 (January), Gretchen sent us all black fabric + two additional solids. Her request was for more traditional, Amish-style blocks. I picked this pinwheel-style block from Quiltmaker's "100 Designer Blocks" magazine from a few months back. I really love how it turned out. I think Gretchen's quilt will be a stunner.

SC3 | Block for Gretchen

We unfortunately had a bee member that had to drop out of the swap, so as the group's leader I volunteered to make some replacements for those still waiting for their blocks. I made this additional block for Gretchen on her behalf:

SC3 | Replacement block for Gretchen

I also made a replacement block for Cathy, whose month was a few months back. Both this pattern and the last are also from the "100 Designer Blocks" magazine -- certainly getting my money's worth!

SC3 | Replacement block for Cathy

Although I am actively trying to reduce the number of swaps I am in, I did recently sign up for a second year of Kimmie's Buzz Cuts bee. It's such a great group of very talented quilters that I just couldn't resist. Plus, everyone there is so nice!

January was Lish's month and she sent a stunning selection from Moda's Soiree line. I received fabrics from the blue colorway and made three 9" blocks for Lish.

Buzz Cuts | 3 blocks for sewwunderful

First, a paper-pieced Lantern Light block from Quilter's Cache. (LOVE this one!!)

Buzz Cuts | Lantern Block for sewwunderful

Here's one that I kind of made up on my own:

Buzz Cuts | Block #3 for sewwunderful

And finally, a block from one of Judy Hopkins' quilt block books (can't remember the block name right now):

Buzz Cuts | Block #2 for sewwunderful

February was fellow Triangle Modern Quilt Guild member Rachel's month. She pretty much said "anything goes" (LOVE that!) and even welcomed rectangular blocks. I went all improv on this one and ended up with kind of a mini patchwork quilt with some wonky rail fence blocks in it. (Pic is from Rachel's photostream, since I didn't get a pic before giving it to her in person at our guild meeting!)

My newest bee is Heather & Kerri's {Bee} Imaginative group. (Here's a trick -- you can always spot one of Heather & Kerri's Flickr groups by the use of their signature curly brackets!)

Kerri was up first in January and wanted to make a mini gnome village in shades of red & aqua. I had tons o' fun making these blocks. I love making mini houses and stuff, and tried to do something new & original for Kerri. First I made little twin cottages -- maybe for two best friends who build their homes right next to one another? Or two married gnomes whose trick for a happy marriage is separate sleeping quarters? : )

Gnome House #2 for Kerri / sewdeerlyloved

Next up is a much simpler little gnome home:

Gnome House #1 for Kerri / sewdeerlyloved

I was on such a roll that I was able to begin a third block (though I didn't have enough white fabric to finish it up). I thought the village could use a nice big tree ... and look! Little Red is strolling underneath.

Bonus Tree for Kerri's Gnome Village

February was actually my month in {Bee} Imaginative and I have received some AMAZING blocks. I just got my last ones, so I will post them separately once I am able to get some good photos.

Last (but not least) is Rachel's bee inspired, which is actually also wrapping up in March. January was Natalie's month and she, too, requested mini houses. She sent a fun selection of prints that made me feel like I was designing the world's cutest little candy shop:

bee inspired | January block for Natalie

February was a two-fer month, with both Lynn & Deb up to bat. Deb sent along a really eye-catching collection of prints and wanted simple square/rectangle-type blocks. I went back to an old favorite layout and added in the coordinating aqua & orange birds. Great selections, Deb -- I LOVE how this all looks together!

bee inspired | Feb

And finally, Lynn forced me to finally confront my fear of paper-pieced spiderweb blocks (which I had been avoiding like the plague). I am so glad she did! They weren't nearly as hard to make as I had been expecting them to be. Don't you just LOVE all of that Lizzy House goodness in there? The rings of dots are amaing, the geese totally make me smile, and the medals & ribbons on the green background is quickly becoming a favorite print of mine.

Spiderweb Blocks for Lynn

Another quilt that I can't wait to see completed!!

Finishing up my March blocks this week ... how apropos for the first week of April, huh? Yes, I'm still lagging just a bit behind. How are the rest of you doing out there in quilting bee land?