Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are you feeling stitchy?

If so, come visit me over on the Feeling Stitchy blog! Beginning today, I'll be posting there every Tuesday.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi! I just 'met' you through Feeling Stitchy: Nice meeting you! I love man-broiderers/ quilters. You have a lovely blog and your work looks great (and very productive)

  2. Cool news John! I added a link to the blog on my sidebar. I'll be sure and tune in.

  3. When I read about you on Feeling Stitchy I thought you sounded familiar! I have visited your blog before. It is fantastic!

    And we are practically neighbors! BillHubby and I live between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro!

  4. Just found you on Feeling Stitchy, and I'm looking forward to your posts!

  5. Hey. I just saw your post at Feeling Stitchy. I was just saying to my boyfriend yesterday that he should learn how to embroider with me... it was one of my resolutions. He was a bit skeptical. Maybe your blog and posts will encourage him to join in! So glad to see a male doing this!
    Where did you get your owl pattern?

  6. Congrats John! I'm heading over to take a look right now.

  7. Just visiting from Ryan's blog which I stumbled on. What a cheerful place you have here.
    Lucky you to be on a Heather Ross course!
    Love your work. Must just go and check on the fabric you mention. Love the idea of turquoise.

  8. I just that it is time to stop "lurking" and introduce myself! You have been on my blog list for awhile...so here goes..."Hello and nice to meet you!"..You rock!

  9. Lovely...yes all of have an instinct to be doing something that is relaxing and unrelated to our daily bread earning or routine life.There fore it is necessary to be involved in such things to unwind and relax.


  10. Hi John,
    wow I can´t believe what I see, it´s so amazing and wonderful.
    First I added a link to a blog on my sidebar ;-)
    Wishing you always good idea´s an lots of fun making the stitches, quilt and so on ;-).
    Looking forward of your posts, sendig kind regards form Germany
    Sabine (Queenie the bloody beginner in quilting)
    my blog: www.queeniesland.blogspot.com

  11. I'm feeling stitchy and I want to release the urge.

  12. That's really cool. Glad you have time posting this.