Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I LOVE reading blogs ...

... especially when they continue to deliver such great & inspirational content.

My Google Reader had gotten out of control lately -- not only have I had little time to write blog posts, but I've been limited in my ability to keep up with reading them, too -- and I had over 500 unread posts at some point last week. Finally, over the past few days and this morning, I got it down to zero. And I came across some awesome things that I felt compelled to share:

  • Lizzy House revealed the prints from her latest line, Castle Peeps, which is sure to become a quick favorite of mine.

image courtesy of Lizzy House

  • I came across a great little tutorial for making an adorable ruffly hedgehog -- my mind is racing with all of the holiday gift possibilities, but the hand sewing is a bit outside of my comfort zone. A problem, or a new challenge? Hmmm ...

image courtesy of Matsutake blog

  • Saw this awesome Craftzine tutorial for a twist on the old t-shirt quilt: the T-Shirt Memory Scarf. Seems like a more manageable project than a whole quilt, while achieving the same effect. I'm already envisioning a version with some of my favorite quilting fabrics in the mix.

image courtesy of Craftzine blog

  • Jessica Jones over at How About Orange always posts the coolest things. A recent find: the NaniBird. I'd love to have some of these guys both in my cubicle and in my sewing space.

image courtesy of NaniBird

Pretty neat, no? I feel it's important to take a step back and say a big THANK YOU to all of the bloggers out there for continuing to share your crafts, your inspiration, and your encouragement for creative souls like me.

Have you found anything cool or inspirational lately? Please share!


  1. COOL finds! Gotta check out Lizzy Houses' new line - looks adorable!
    And... I found a cool tutorial for "baby legs" that I may have to try for my little boy arriving in March... in a manly color of course.

  2. Actually, you're probably goind to find this a bit strange, but I was recently inspired by your wonky block tutorials! Someone in my virtual quilting bee linked to it and I've been a follower of yours since! And, today I posted about the first wonky block I've made if you would like to see how it came out.


    Thanks for the inspiration! And I find it totally fabulous that you're a quilter!

  3. I love those birds. I came across those sometime last year. I printed out a whole bunch of them and secretly sent them to a ton of my friends - it was great to see them displayed and fun to hear them wonder who sent them. Those are great and also really really easy to put together.

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  5. wow those things are just fantastic...glad you got caught up and thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the little birds. . .I'm thinking I may need one for my sewing room! And I love all of your blocks. . .your bee buddies will be pleased, I'm sure. Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

  7. Cool - ummm yep! Your Hoop Up! group on flickr :) So cool I had to post about it too...


    Hope I can join your super cool iniative!

    PS - love that new Lizzy HOuse line too! 2010 is gonna be one great year for fabric!

  8. That little hedgehog is adorable! I'm putting that on the short list of possible things for Christmas!

    Thank you!

  9. awesome finds. Love that new fabric line. Love the hedgehog and LOVE that scarf. What a great idea!!! Thanks quilt dad.

  10. over 500.. that's nothing.. mine goes over 500 all the time.. wait till it gets to 1000 and stops counting!!

  11. hola que bien que te guste esta labor felicidades saludos

  12. John - I find your blog inspirational!! In fact I just created a log cabin block pillow, using YOUR tutorial. I just recently learned how to link within the text of my blog so I plan to post another blog about log cabin blocks (my favorite!) linking back to you and your great tutorial. My blog: http://ninamamaroux.blogspot.com/

  13. John you can make that Hedgehog, it is so in your ability to make. I love it and going to make one this weekend. I want the Lizzy House in Green please.

  14. Great finds, thanks for sharing!
    The hedgehog will be so good to use for http://thetoysociety.blogspot.com/

  15. Glad to see you like Castle Peeps...I ordered it for Wish because I loved it to! I see some FQs in your future :-)

  16. My daughter and I made a couple of those birds last year. They live on top of my microwave. And I just recently made the hedgehog--it was out of my comfort zone for hand-sewing also. My poor little fingers hurt after!
    I had a little crafting time today and made use of these tutes:
    Vintage Baby Shoe Pincushion Tutorial
    Altoid Tin Makeover