Monday, May 11, 2009

Flock & Awe and Big Scrappy

May is Jessica of SunnyNole's month in the SewConnected 3 swap, and she decided to make a scrappy quilt made of all of her favorite bird-themed fabrics. What a cool idea! I had a lot of fun combing through my fabrics for birdy fabrics and some coordinating prints. Of course, it didn't take me long to raid my "Nest" stash and decide to feature this green guy:

I dubbed this block "Flock & Awe". Heh heh.

Here's my second block. Jessica sent the Joel Dewberry "Aviary" print ... I still have a full FQ collection of that line because I love it so much, but haven't decided what to do with it yet. I went pretty improv on this one ...

Here they both are being watched over by our newest backyard friend:

Note to self: add a bird-themed quilt to the must-make list.

And in the Cottage Quilting Bee, Ashley Ann (who blogs at Hot Butter) sent out a bunch of scraps for everyone and asked for "super scrappy" blocks, keeping in mind that her favorite color of the moment is "rainbow". Her instructions? "Follow your heart, go crazy, make cute blocks". You can't ask for any better than that!

This one came out huge -- like 14" x 18" or so -- so I am calling him "Big Scrappy". I really went to town on this one, pulling the scraps from a bunch of different recent projects into the mix. Again, total improv style -- I had no idea where I was going with this until I decided that I was done.

Fun! Thanks for the great challenge, Ashley!


  1. Love your blocks. you do have a way with colors.

  2. ooohhh a bird themed quilt.
    that's gonna be cooler than cool.

    i can't wait to see what you figure out for that stack of joel fats.
    everytime i see his fabric i think about you, idk why.
    maybe it's because of your AWESOME blog header.

  3. p.s. of course i ♥ the blocks you made. i just forgot to say it.

    *in my best yoda voice EVER*
    huge dork i am.

  4. great blocks! That makes me think "rainbow" IS one of the best colors around. :) The bird blocks are lovely.

  5. Nice brights! I love scrappy blocks!the bird theme is pretty cool!

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  8. your blocks are simply amazing! and i'm glad that i'm not the only one who feels the need to make a quilt inspired by the one for the bee. i've done that more months than i can count. :) the bird themed one would be amazing!

  9. i love the bird blocks!! the first one is my fav.!

  10. love the blocks John. the big scrappy blocks are probably my favorite-love the bright colors

  11. I love the bird blocks. I'm still awaiting inspiration and this may have done it.

  12. I love the bird themed quilt idea--your blocks look great!
    And the scrappy block is gorgeous with all of those amazing rainbow colors! Nice work, as always:)

  13. Wow! Those are great! I think the birds are my favorite this post but the rainbow was pretty awesome! And who wouldn't love fresh nines! But the birds... i think it's just awesome fabric in general but you did a great job highlighting it's features!

  14. great improv blocks - love the happy vibe.