Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sorry, Leslie ... the new winner is ...

I'm really sorry, Leslie ... I think I've been more than fair in giving you so long to get a hold of me, and so it is time to move on to my backup pick. (I still appreciate your comment though, and hope you come back soon!)

As you can see by the timestamp, I selected the backup at the same time that I picked the winner in an effort to be fair. I am glad now that I did! So without further delay ...

The winner is comment 101, which happens to be ...

Blogger Ryan said...

Please enter me John! Tanks for showcasing your talent. The world needs more male quilters!


And really, how fitting is it that Ryan would win a giveaway that was originally brought on by a Tribute to Male Quilters? It just feels right.

So Ryan, leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I'll get these pillows off to you right away!


  1. Congrats Ryan! I was hoping the he that John slipped out was me, but it wasn't! Make good use of them buddy...Now, I will have to go make my own cushions for the backporch furniture this year! :)

  2. Yaay..for Ryan, I was hoping that I was the "he" but I have won a contest recently (see my blog post from today!)

    Go Ryan!

    Scott, maybe next time you or I can win!

  3. hey, maybe "ryan" won't write back either, and i'll keep hounding...

  4. Yay, am I really the winner? I just scored some authentic Quilt Dad pillows?

    I seriously thought Gene or Scott had better odds... LOVING the pictures Scott put up of the round robins he was in on BTW:

    Thanks John for hinting that there was some tutorial online for creating 3 column blogs in your email. As you can see I managed to google it and work it out! I am sending you an email with my addy right now!


  5. yayyy ryan.
    {that's too bad about leslie though.}

    oh and p.s.
    that baby quilt i was telling you about, you can see it on the ol' blog.

  6. wtg Ryan.. but hey.. I'm sure we're all keeping our wee fingers crossed here.

    Oh quick question here.. where do you get your scraps if any at all from??


  7. Congrats Ryan, and thanks John for having a fun give away...Oh, and thanks Leslie for prolonging the suspence...

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