Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thanks, Heather!

I won these!
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First, thanks again for your warm reception for my wife's 2nd blog post ever. She really gets a kick out of reading all of your comments, and she's been answering your questions back in the comment thread ... so go check it out if you're waiting for an answer!

Now, back to business ...

A few weeks back I won a great giveaway on designer Heather Mulder Peterson's blog. Heather is the designer behind the Anka's Treasures line of patterns, which I have always admired at the store but never actually had the opportunity to use before. I really wanted to win this giveaway, because I was especially interested in the "Sweet Life" book, which features patterns specifically designed for layer cakes. I've been looking for some good patterns to make with them, and I can honestly say I could see myself making every pattern in this book. Plus, they are not too complex, which I love.

I am really coveting both a Wonderland and a Twiggy layer cake right now ... but trying to restrain myself. Too many unfinished projects at the moment ...

I have lots more to blog about, including the MOTHER OF ALL GIVEAWAYS that I just found out that I won (doing the happy, happy dance!) and a whole slew of quilting bee blocks that I've been making this past week. More soon!


  1. You lucky dog! I love Heather's stuff too! I can't wait to see what you make from her books they are just great!!

  2. yay for winning a giveaway!

    I've never heard of these layer cakes so I just went over to FQS to check them out...I sense an addiction coming on!

  3. ooohhh...
    the mother of all giveaways...
    i can't wait to here about this!!!

  4. Lucky you, I love Heather's designs, I've never made one though.
    I haven't managed to win a giveaway yet, never mind I'll keep trying.

  5. You are on a winning streak. Keep it up.

  6. John, a long time ago you left a comment on my blog, wondering what I was going to do with Nest. I'm planning to make the cover quilt from Heather's book "Livin' Large". Unfortunately that wasn't one of the books you won, but it's a great book. Heather is a good friend, and I love all of her stuff. Just wait until you see what she's coming out with next. The new book looks like it uses the dreaded set in seams (yes, I read that post of yours!) but they're not!