Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sew Connected | January

January is Tracy's month in the SewConnected group. She sent a really eclectic but beautiful selection of greens and browns ... and two of the solid greens are even silks! Never worked with that before, but it was fun. Here's what I came up with:

And over at SewConnected 2, Kimmie selected a beautiful set of batiks. Like Tracy's silk, I've really never worked with batiks either ... but I love the way all of the colors work together. I recently got my hands on a copy of the Collaborative Quilting book that's often discussed in the quilting forums, and it inspired the bit of spiky border that's along the bottom of the block.

The group is making a really gorgeous set of blocks for Kim -- check them all out in the group pool!

While on the topic of virtual quilting bees, I really love surfing around and seeing what everyone in the other groups is putting together. I've been particularly inspired by a couple of fabric selections recently and wanted to give them some props here on my blog.

A disclaimer: I haven't individually asked these quilters if I could post their pictures on my blog, but I am hoping that fully citing them with links and such will suffice. I apologize if this is poor blogger etiquette -- if you ask me to remove your pictures, I'll gladly do so!

In the new group A Notion or Two, mommyandbeyond recently compiled an amazing selection of greens. I'm a fan of so many of these fabrics individually, but never would have thought to put them all together. SO great, Amy -- I might have to "borrow" this pallette!

I really enjoy following the action over at Common Threads, too. So many of my favorite quilt bloggers are in that group. I can't stop thinking about the fabrics that Lady Harvatine put together back in July. SO cool, Liz! This color scheme is really me. Oh, and the Joel Dewberry chestnuts at the bottom is one of my all-time favorite prints from one of my all-time favorite fabric lines.

And most recently in Common Threads, blempgorf sent out a muted selection of solids and stripes that just work soooo well together. Jenny called them her "sad" fabrics, but they're far more inspired than sad to me. I'm also pasting in some of the blocks that have already been made from these fabrics -- it seems that the other quilters were inspired, too!

(Quilted, in order, by Rebekah, one shabby chick (Amber), and one shabby chick (again)).

And finally, productivity in the Quilt Dad house might slow down considerably for a while ... thanks to our most recent purchase ... ... ...

Oh yeah!


  1. oh, dear! mario cart is VERY addictive!!!

  2. I love the greens. Mario Kart is awesome. Just don't get and I repeat don't get Animal Crossing -City Folk. Oh my addicting. While I'm playing the wii, the sewing machine is calling my name, and while I'm sewing the wii is calling my name. It's a constant battle. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for sharing.

  3. Mario Cart is great. Nobody will play with me because I stink at it, but it is still fun. I am so tempted to make a nasty Wii joke, but I will be good.

  4. what a surprise to see my "sad" fabrics here! I'm glad you like my mix. quilt bees are very fun - I am psyched to see all the awesomeness my swapsters have been making!

  5. Inspiration is a wonderful thing. Those green silks inspired me to find a couple of silks to add to my little blue cottage quilting bee fabrics (I picked the birds - it was the peoples' choice, although Katie Jump Rope got my vote!).
    As for those sad fabrics - *sigh* wonderful, I love them so much.

    And the stack of greens - too much for me this early in the morning, I am in green heaven! (and green with envy. Oh, that stank. Sorry)

  6. I love your blocks and the palettes that you are showing. I can't believe that you haven't worked with batiks. Aren't they wonderful?? Oh and Collaborative Quilting, isn't that the most inspiring bright and beautiful book? I have a copy and frequently find myself weeding through it.

  7. Love your green block...and the color palettes are very inspiring (my favorite is the orange and gray).

    We are addicted to the Wii as well, but I can't beat the hubby at MarioKart!

  8. As usual, I love your quilt blocks, and thanks for pointing out more places to look for inspiration!

    And watch out for Mario Kart--it's a daily occurrence around here, and my son (he's 5) rocks it!

  9. Great blocks! I especially love the red/grey ones! The wii looks like a lot of fun.

  10. mario cart for the wii is sooooo much fun! i spent a lot of time playing it over christmas break. i didn't get any better at it, though.

  11. Oh, yeah, be prepared to get seriously addicted to Mario Kart. I just couldn't stop until I had ALL gold medals! And then just wait until you can race as your own Mii, that's like 100x's as fun and you want to RE race all the tracks! ;)

  12. Love your top green block. the fabrics are fun- and the design is great. Lots of mini blocks all rolled into one!

  13. I love the blocks! They are wonderful. I have heard that the WII is very addictive and has resulted in many a quilters demise! Sounds like fun!

  14. mario cart...YES!!!
    that cracked me up!!!

    true story:
    we went to best buy.
    i saw the wii...then i saw mario cart.
    so here i was this 26 year old having the grandest of times...and there were TWO 12 years old waiting to play.
    loser i am...and proud of it!!!

  15. Yup, that Wii will compete with your sewing machine! Just sending a shout out to you. I've enjoyed your blog and how fun to have a man in our cottage quilting bee.
    Did anyone told you before you look like Mr Incredible? (a totally random thought)

  16. LOL. Adina is cracking me up. You do remind me of him now that she said that! I am totally jealous of Mario Cart I am still miss playing the original Mario Bros. that was the BEST!

    Those greens by mommaandbeyond are GORGEOUS, but I am a green girl. Love it.

  17. Turns out that mommyandbeyond is my friends cousin, this world can be so small.