Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When it rains ...

Wow, after complaining about not winning any giveaways, I just won my second in less than a week ... and it's a GOOD one!

I won a custom-made embroidered pillow from the insanely talented Rita of Free-Falling. I first met Rita during my first Craftster swap and we've become fast swap buddies. I even lured her into my SewConnected groups and have gotten her hooked on mini quilt swaps.

Want to hear the freakiest thing? I was the first comment. I mean, really ... when does comment #1 ever win these things?? Well, I did, and I can't be more excited about it. Thanks a ton, Rita!

In other news, I've been working hard to not only get my giveaway winners' packages out (they're both on their way, finally!), but trying to make progress on my still-growing Christmas gift list. THIS has been a major, major time suck. I sure hope it's worth it when I am done! Pictures soon, if I don't throw it out the window first ...

I'm also binding up my "words" mini-quilt for Sonja in the 6-12" Mini Quilt Swap group. Yeah, yeah ... I know it was November's quilt, but Sonja and I mutually agreed to lift any deadline pressures for this one. I think it will be worth the wait ... I can't wait to show you all what I made. Pictures of that soon, too.

About the only thing I have to show pictures of tonight is the few blocks that I've completed for the Lap Quilt Swap IV over on Craftster.
These first 3 blocks I made for myself, with some of the fabrics that I selected for my own quilt. I stuck with some basic 9-patch blocks, mostly because I was making sure that the fabrics were working well together. I really like them and I'm excited to see what everyone else does with my fabrics.

And here are the first 3 blocks I've made for others. 3 down, 19 to go!

Hope you're all having a great week.


  1. I like your lap quilt swap blocks - I'm sure the recipients will too!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi, i just discovered your blog! How cool that you sew/quilt! I love all the bags you make too. Anyways just thorght I'd drop you a line and say hi, have a great christmas. cheers Leah

  3. Wow, look at all those triangles! you are WAY more brave than me! They look great though, good job!

  4. Wow you've been busy! I'm just trying to finish one little Christmas quilt around here.

  5. Congratulations on the win! I love what you are working on, but can't wait to see the cell phone/ laptop bags.

  6. congrats john...good things come to those who wait! how's the present factory going?

  7. Wow, my block looks so pretty up there! You've been really busy! Take a deep breath Christmas is almost here. Oh and congrats on the big wins!

  8. I really like that second lap-quilt-swap block with the pink and green and turquoise. Very nice use of the colors!

  9. Yay! I'm so glad you won too, John, and I'm so happy to have met you through the last craftster swap! We'll be swap buddies for a long time! I have lots of idea for what to embroider for you!