Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Mini Quilt | Swap 'Til You Drop

I'm taking part in 2 mini quilt swaps for the month of October. Over at Swap 'Til You Drop (or, as I like to call it, STUD :) the theme for the month is, appropriately enough, Halloween. Yesterday I received a great little package from Carol (Quiltlady50 on Flickr).

What a great little Halloween quilt! I love the candy corn fabric (2nd row, 2nd square in) and, it might be hard to see, but there are 3-D Halloween buttons sewn throughout. Skulls, tombstones ... do you see them? Oh, and the little laughing faces on the bottom row? Their teeth glow in the dark!

I am envious of Carol's binding skills. The binding is flawless! And she hand quilted this, too. All in all, a fabulous surprise.

Check out what else was in the package:

Little fabric-covered button magnets! They're already on the fridge. And I am so glad that Carol sent 3 ... that way, I was able to let each kid claim one.

Oh, and a few pieces of Ghirardelli chocolate, but the camera didn't move quickly enough to capture an image of those. : )

Thanks so much, Carol! Yours is on its way, though now that I've seen this great piece of work, I am second-guessing my design ... ... ...


  1. what an awesome halloween score! too cute!~

  2. I love that little Halloween quilt! Good thing you don't live close to me or I'd have to trespass in the middle of the night and snatch that goody. 8^)

    The button magnets are so clever, too. Nice package!

  3. That is a sweet little quilt! I love a good binding.

  4. So I am missing California really bad and then you go and say Ghirardelli Chocolate. Goodness, that factory in San Fran smells so yummy.

  5. Pretty! I always appreciate a good binding myself.