Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quilt Mix Playlist

(some of my current faves)

You may remember that as part of my giveaway, I sent the lucky winners a mix CD of some of my current favorite songs to listen to while sewing or otherwise relaxing in the evenings. Some people have asked me to share the playlist, so here it is!

The idea for a CD quickly grew to 3 CD's worth of music once I started picking songs. I ended up editing it down to just 2. Here's what the lucky recipients received:

Disc 1

"Make It Mine" - Jason Mraz
"Pocketful of Sunshine" - Natasha Bedingfield
"Life in a Northern Town (Live)" - Sugarland, Little Big Town, and Jake Owen
"Dreaming With a Broken Heart" - John Mayer
"Only You" - Josh Kelley
"Morningside" - Sara Bareilles
"Coyotes" - Jason Mraz
"Say (All I Need)" - OneRepublic
"Between the Lines" - Sara Bareilles
"New Deep" - John Mayer
"Bubbly" - Colbie Caillat
"1973" - James Blunt
"Live High" - Jason Mraz
"When the Stars Go Blue" - The Corrs
"All We Are" - OneRepublic
"Why Georgia" - John Mayer
"Love Song" - Sara Bareilles
"You Are a Part of Everything" - Josh Kelley
"Apologize" - OneRepublic featuring Timbaland

Disc 2

"If I Never See Your Face Again" - Maroon 5 featuring Rihanna
"Mercy" - Duffy
"I'm Yours" - Jason Mraz
"Many the Miles" - Sara Bareilles
"Lost In This Moment" - Big & Rich
"Baby" - Angie Stone
"Everybody Wants You" - Josh Kelley
"Lucky" - Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat
"Stop and Stare" - OneRepublic
"You Wanted It" - MoZella
"Bring It On Home" - Little Big Town
"Clarity" - John Mayer
"I'm With The Band" - Little Big Town
"Love Me Like the World Is Ending" - Ben Lee
"Realize" - Colbie Caillat
"Butterfly" - Jason Mraz
"Say" - John Mayer
"Love On The Rocks" - Sara Bareilles
"Almost Honest" - Josh Kelley

All songs are available on iTunes. I should know -- I practically sign half of my paycheck over to Apple!

Man, I could have easily kept going.

I hope that by doing this I introduce my winners (and all of you!) to some new music that you might not otherwise have listened to. Enjoy!

So what do you like to listen to while crafting?


  1. I listen to MN public radio, all classical, all the time, thru my iTunes. It's the only kind of music that doesn't catch my mind and just hovers in the background while I work.

    Any other time, I wouldn't listen to classical at all.......*S*

  2. Lately, I've been listening to stand-up comedy on my iPod while I sew... once, I had to stop what I was doing because I was laughing/crying so hard. The comedy usually makes time really fly and I have no idea how long I've been at it.

  3. "Car Talk," "Wait, Wait..." and "This American Life" -- on Saturday mornings, it's NPR. Otherwise, it's iTunes playlists, mostly from the late 60's and early 70's. It brings back some good memories!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I spent a bit of time checking out, what I didn't already have - new music is lots of fun :) I love the podcasts too - great entertainment . . .

  5. I thought I was to only one supporting iTunes.....LOL......Well this is dating me but.....what am I age is on my blog....anyway, I'm a 60's 70's and some 80's like of gal...but every now and then I throw in Dean Martin's Sway! Oh yea.

  6. I listen to audiobooks while I sew. I love thrillers and I can't tell you how many times I've listened to the whole Harry Potter series!

  7. LOVE your list. I have been listening to pandora dot com. You go to the site, register for free, and can make playlists based on a song or a band or singer that you like. Then it plays some of that singer, and then lots of other stuff that is similar (according to the Music Genome project). Then it just keeps playing like a radio. If you don't like a song, you can vote thumbs down and it will skip it and remember that you don't like it for the next time you come back. If there is something you love and want to buy, you can click a link to go to itunes or amazon and buy it. Yesterday I listened to "the Babys" radio and it picked some great stuff I haven't heard in years.

    You can also just pick a genre of music to listen to, like adult contemporary, etc.

    Check it out. I really like it.

    I cannot listed to audiobooks when I cut. I get lost in numbers and trying to listen and I either screw up on my measuring or miss the story.

    anyway, long post, but I LOVE music and had to share.

  8. I'm a classic rock chick. I love listening to AC/DC, Deep Purple, Whitesnake etc. Either that or there's a radio station over here in the UK that plays dramas and comedies all day. I listen to that quite a bit aswell.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  9. Wow ~ we have a lot of music in common. I'll have to check out the stuff I don't know. I'm currently in a "Spanglish" faze of music ~ Marc Anthony, Los Lonely Boys and yes, even Ricky Martin. There, I've said it ~ I do like Ricky Martin! I think it comes from having lived in South Florida growing up. Thanks for the list.

  10. I love your playlist!! I'll be listening to this when I craft :-)
    This summer I haven't been able to listen to music when I sew. The only sewing time I have had, is when the children sleep, and if I play music, I wake them up :-(
    But...they go back to daycare next week, so I'll be sewing (well after giving the entire apartment a good cleaning) every day,all day until school starts in September....I hope!

  11. I listen to alot of the same music you do. I support Itunes too. I like their free music every week thing. I like everything just about. Of course, I have my favorites too. I love John Mayer, Sugarland, Harry Connick Jr, Duffy, Eva Cassidy and a few others but I just love music of all kinds except for classical. I can only take so much of that before I'm climbing the walls. I also listen to books on tape but I can only do that if I'm mindless sewing.

    Love your blog. Your kids are so sweet looking! Hugs, Linda

  12. I listen to iTunes on my Mac of course! :-) We have Airport Expresses now. Very cool!

  13. Your list looks great. There are a few there that I will have to check out. Life in a Northern Town? That song is awesome. It took me years to work out what it was called. Is the "Everybody Here Wants You" the same song as sung by Jeff Buckley?

    I get a but eclectic with my playlist while sewing. I will find something and listen to it for about a week on end before hiding the CD away for later.