Thursday, May 15, 2008

Quilt-a-Long (Week 3)

I made some more progress on the quilt-a-long this week. I am still struggling with taking halfway decent pictures, so these all look a little bit muddy.

Here's week 3's block from the Seeing Stars quilt-a-long (quilt-a-long #2):

I love the colors on this one. Unfortunately, the picture's not doing them any justice. There's another little squirrel in that print. See him?

This next block might just be my favorite so far. I decided to make another week 2 block, mostly because it is one of the few to feature such a large center square. Because the fabric line I am using has a lot of large prints that get lost when cut down too small, this was the perfect block to repeat. Plus, I got to use a bit of Mr. Owl ...

Since I am simultaneously making blocks for both quilt-a-longs, I decided to omit one of the blocks from quilt-a-long 1 and replace it with Mr. Owl. I am usually such a stickler for rules, but once I decided it was OK to veer off course a bit, I felt very liberated. I might actually make a 3rd one of these blocks and omit another QAL1 block.

I've also been completing some of the blocks from QAL1, but I've stopped doing them in order.

Here's QAL1 week 3:

... QAL1 week 4 ...

... and QAL1 week 10:

Finally, here's a mosaic of all 9 blocks so far:


  1. These look great! I'm glad you posted this, because it made me realize that I haven't posted pictures of my block #3...

  2. i love the owl block. it's a fantastic way to showcase that fabulous fabric.

  3. These blocks look great! That fabric line is so neat with the little animals hidden in the prints.

  4. Your blocks are gorgeous! I love the colors you're using.

    Good job!

  5. i think mr. owl is my favorite block, and what a gorgeous line of fabrics

  6. Wow! I love your blocks with the little animals hidden in them. That is such a neat idea. I may have to do a quilt like that for my little girls.

  7. This is turning out AWSOME! I love the owl block. That is exactly what the fabric was intended for. Yay!

  8. These blocks are really wonderful. I was trying so hard not to buy that fabric, but now I think I just might have to . . . sigh.