Friday, May 9, 2008

Clancy | 3 weeks old

Here are the most recent pictures of Clancy @ 3 weeks old:

We need some help! What recommendations do you have for things that we should be picking up before he arrives? Several of you have already suggested chew toys (thanks!) ... what else ... ... ...??


  1. such a cutie!

    I've never had a dog, but I was thinking about getting one so I know a few things you might need:
    carpet/floor pads for pee training
    food bowls/food
    cleaner for accidents (urine off is great!)
    blankets/pillow for a bed

    can't think of anything else right now

  2. Where will Clancy sleep? I highly recommend a crate. We used one for Fudge during training and it worked great. They like to have a place and a bit of security for you as well. We also used a ticking alarm clock in the crate to soothe Fudge's whining at night. They supposedly like the rhythmic ticking...reminds them of mom's heartbeat. Worked for us! Good luck!

  3. I don't know what type of leash & collar set up you plan on using but I would suggest a harness as opposed to a collar. The harness takes the stress off the neck muscles so that you don't end up with disc problems. I had to switch from a collar to a harness 8 years ago when my Bogart developed some neck problems. The hardest part is learning how to put it on! lol

  4. Hello from the other side of Wake County.

    Newspaper. Lots of newspaper. LOL Good luck. He looks like a real sweetie!