Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Topic of conversation at our house this week...

Are we crazy? All you dog people out there, please send your encouraging words ... because our family and friends all think we're nuts for even considering getting a dog. (They're not dog people).

Keeping me busy this week are some blocks that I committed to making for this swap. I jumped in late and I have to make 20 blocks in 8 days. In my first blog post, lisajo warned me that swaps can be addictive ... she was right! I was drawn to this one because we're about to buy my son his first "big boy bed", and I think this red, white and blue quilt would be great for a boy.

I'll post pictures as soon as I break long enough to take some ...


  1. Doggy!!!
    Yes, dogs are an amazing companion and member of the family and they teach us so much.
    Humans that live without animal companions have a certain arrogance about human superiority that is very frustrtaing and puzzling. Other animals teach us humans so much about communication (non-verbal) and honor and honesty. I can not imagine my life without my furry friends.
    go see my dog-blog if you don't believe me:

  2. Just got our fourth golden retriever puppy five weeks ago. Axl is very close to being house trained and is plowing in and out of the dog door. He has had to be accompanied in the yard (bald eagles live here) but he is probably big enough now to be off the deck alone. He goes riding with Dad in the six wheeler on the beach. I highly recommend goldens as the best family pet!