Monday, April 28, 2008

Swap Blocks DONE!

Tonight, I finished my 20 Road to California blocks for the swap I first blogged about here. They're due to the swap hostess on Wednesday ... nothing like cutting it close, eh? I must say, I'm a little "Road to California"-ed out. I'm very excited to be done, and can't wait to get the other blocks in return. With this being my first block swap, I'm just hoping mine are up to snuff ...

Here's a sneak peek of the beginnings of my little quilt for Kate's swap:

After a false start, I finally found my inspiration and I am SO excited to work on this one.

And here are some fun shots from last week:

Ugh, Monday tomorrow.


  1. i often get "burned out" on my quilt blocks after working on them for a while...but then after a little time passes, i like them again and jump right in :)
    Your blocks look wonderful...perfect points and everything.
    The thing about swaps is, there are always a few that are not quite as perfect...but thats what gives them their charm...yours however, look great!
    So im guessing your inspiration for the ALQS fabrics came from your lovely girls :)

    happy quilting!

  2. These blocks look great! That is a very challenging pattern. I love the red and blue together- classic but looks fresh too