Monday, April 28, 2008

HELP! Your scraps needed!

OK, so I know this is a long shot, but if I can't put out a request for help on my blog, then what good is having one? I'm hoping some of you ALQS'ers might be able to help me out.

I am on the hunt for some scraps of three specific fabrics (pictured above) to work into my ALQS swap quilt. One is from Heather Bailey's Freshcut line, and the dots are from Amy Butler's Lotus line. All would work great in my plan.

Unfortunately, none of my local shops carry these, and I don't want to meet the minimum yardage to place an online order. I need at least two strips measuring 2" x 11" (or larger) of each, or a larger scrap from which these pieces can be cut. I'd be happy to reimburse postage and/or send you some scraps from my stash. Can anyone help??


  1. Hi quilt dad!

    great to see a man quilting... just found your blog via Amanda's star quilt along.

    I can send you strips of the first two if you're still looking.

    Don't know the third one, sorry..
    You can find my email address on my website! Cheers.

  2. I can send you the 3rd heather bailey one from Oz if you can't get it over there.

  3. Thanks so much for coming to my quilt show. Nice to find a tarheel quilter. I went to high school in Cary. Nice to meet you! I'll be back.

  4. I've got a lot of that Heather Bailey and I would be happy to send you a piece :) Just let me know if you're still looking for it!

  5. I'm pretty sure I have the Heather Bailey, too... I'd get up and look right now, but moving the 22lb cat is too much effort! Let me know if you're still in need, and I'll check.