Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clancy | 1 week old

We've been talking for months about adding a member to our family -- no, not another baby, but one of the canine variety. We fully explored rescuing an adult dog. We even had a couple come to visit us. But, in the end, anything in the retriever family (our first choice) was just too much for my allergies to handle.

So, we decided to go a different route.

Meet Clancy.

Well, one of these puppies will be Clancy. We decided to get a Goldendoodle, the most hypo-allergenic dog that we could find. (My mom has a goldendoodle -- the sweetest dog EVER -- so I can attest to the fact that my allergies aren't bad at all when I stay with her).

I say one of the little guys will be Clancy because we're not sure yet which one will be ours. Another family has first dibs and will be choosing their puppy (blue or green) at 6 weeks of age. The other will be ours.

We're expecting Clancy to come home sometime in early June. Understandably, we're a bit nervous about getting our first dog ... especially with him being a puppy. But with Quilt Mom* still a stay-at-home mom for now, we figured it's the best time to get him trained and acclimated to life with our family.

Any tips or words of advice as we embark on this adventure?

* Speaking of Quilt Mom, I'm trying to convince her to write a guest post on my blog sometime soon ... !


  1. Congratulations! Clancy 1 or Clancy 2 is going to be a great addition! My advice...train, train, train. The more time you spend up front the happier you and your dog will be. My mom has a year old HUGE lab and he is the best behaved, nicest dog you'd ever want to meet. Comes when he's called, goes down on command. Nothing fancy, but he's almost a perfect dog! She worked with him a bit each day.

  2. I agree with Jaquie! Work with your puppy, it pays off! Goldendoodles are "super" smart!!! Our neighbor recommended attaching a bell to the door on a long ribbon and ringing it each time you take them out to go potty. They associate potty and the bell, then they won't bark at you when they need to go out, but ring the bell!

  3. I agree with Jacquie and Betsy. I think with little kids, crate training is worth looking into also. That gives the dog someplace to go to get away from little fingers in the eyes. Welcome (early) Clancy!

  4. tons of chew toys or plans to get new furniture & shoes :-)

    your kids will love the experience. we just got ours a kitten and a 4-yr old cat this week. they're in heaven.

  5. I know this is an old post but I had to tell you that my family has always had Golden Retrievers, and my Aunty's dog was a Clancy too.

    I have two Goldens now and they are the best